What Does Brony Mean?

The literal and easy definition of brony is that it is a term used to describe male fans or viewers of My Little Pony shows or franchises.  These males simply don’t buy into the hype that gender should play a role in what they can and can’t enjoy.

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While the My Little Pony target demographic is little girls, bronies are still to be found in growing numbers by the day.  A first impression that one might get on hearing about bronies is that they are creepy but like most stereotypes, this one could not be more false.

Most bronies happen to be just friendly teens or young adults who just aren’t afraid to owning up to the fact that a show is funny and colorful.

The latest incarnation of My Little Pony is incredibly different from the shows of the past that are the ones that most people think of when they hear My Little Pony.  The new version tells stories that are fun and relatable to people of all ages and genders.  It also has a fresher, more modern look.  The new show is very well-made and even showcases the talents of many people including music composers, writers and voice artists.

What started out as just an internet meme has literally gone viral and is now a massive franchise all over the world.

A short history of Bronies

The first episode of the new My Little Pony show…Friendship is Magic aired in October, 2010.  It had been given a new look by creator Lauren Frost.  The stories and characters were taken from little girl style to one that can be enjoyed by all.

4Chan is an image board online and its users immediately glommed onto the show posting so many images that for a while the site banned all pictures related to ponies.  This made quite a few people angry and so they made it into a cause that likely is the reason that the bronies are getting attention now.

Now you can find bronies making their own sites including one called PonyChan which is a knock off of 4Chan dedicated to the My Little Pony crowd.  There is also an alternative to Facebook for bronies called Bronysquare and an entire My Little Pony news network known as Everfree Radio.

Needless to say, the popularity of My Little Ponies didn’t just die as the original target demographic grew into adulthood.