The Best of MLP fanfiction

If you’ve watched every episode of Friendship is Magic, read all of the Pony Tales comics and listened to every Equestria Girls b-side, do not fret; there’s plenty of My Little Pony lore left to explore. If you start searching for MLP fanfic on the web, you may justifiably start to believe that the Internet was invented solely for people to share their equestrian expositions. Before trotting into the unknown, be warned that not all pony fanfic is G-rated, so parents are are encouraged to read along with their little fillies. Some stories are actually well written and enjoyable for all ages. Here is a sample of some standouts:

Background Pony

“Background Pony” is a very original series that trots on the high-brow end of pony fandom. It stars Lyra, a musical unicorn with a peculiar curse: no one can ever remembered her. In the opening chapter, Rarity passes Lyra over and over again, introducing herself each time in a scene that is both funny and sad. The story is told from Lyra’s perspective, so readers get a sense of her loneliness, and the author uses some creative techniques to emphasize her curse such as changing the font color of her name. The chapters are self-contained stories, so it’s easy to read in small doses, but anypony who loves fanfic has plenty to sink their hooves into.


If you’re craving some post-apocalyptic pony fun, “Antipodes” takes place more than 10,000 years after the show’s time frame. Princesses Celestia and Luna have gone missing, throwing day and night into chaos and forcing the ponies to live underground. The series introduces mostly new characters but does a good job of keeping the show’s mythos, even with the darker tone. The plot follows a powerful unicorn named Jigsaw and his pegasus apprentice, Tiptoe, as they search for the legendary “Temperate Zone.” Antipodes is a great read for any fillies who are fans of science fiction.

Pony POV Series Season One: Reharmonization

The POV series shows much love for the source material as it’s a direct followup to the specific episode “The Return of Harmony Part 2.” In the television episode, the mane six are hypnotized by Discord and turn against each other, but they eventually overcome Discord through the power of friendship. Reharmonization follows each pony as they cope with having hurt their friends. For instance, the first chapter is about Fluttershy meeting her alter ego, FlutterCruel, and another deals with Pinkie Pie’s encounter with Pinkamena. Best of all, these stories have been record by the author in the voice of each pony and are free to find on Youtube.

Stories of the Teenage Cutie Mark Crusaders

This gem is a proper sequel to the show and follows the same format with each “episode” centering around one pony’s problems. The mane six are present, but the focus is on the Cutie Mark Crusaders, who at 15 are still on their hunt for their special talents. Kind of like the show Degreassi, the themes mature as the characters mature although the stories are still family friendly. Teens, tweens and adults alike will relate to the characters’ struggle to find their identity.

Pinkie Pie Discovers Coffee

The title sounds like the start of a horror story, but this fic has an interesting twist: Pinkie Pie is actually immune caffeine. However, the other ponies are not, so Pinkie tries to get her friends hooked on Starbit coffee so they will be as energetic as she is naturally. This is a great idea for an MLP episode as it would be a kid friendly way to explain the problems that addictions can cause.

Sonic Boom to Sonic Rainboom

Once you think you’ve read it all, you’re ready to dive into the ever expanding world of crossover MLP fanfic. From Godzilla to Gilligan’s Island, there are stories about the ponies meeting just about every fictional character ever created. There’s even a Ponyville translation of The Bible in the works! Of the literally hundreds of MLP and Sonic the Hedgehog fanfics, this tale about Rainbow Dash and Sonic teaming up is one of the best and would also be a logical launching point for an awesomely magical video game.