Is Markiplier a Brony?

Many people question if YouTuber, Markiplier is a Brony. Why are so many people fascinated with this question? It could be that Markiplier makes occasional comments in regard to My Little Pony. Regardless of his random references to My Little Pony, Markiplier himself has stated that he is not a Brony. If you were to take a look at Markiplier’s YouTube videos, you will notice that he has clearly states that he is not a Brony. Although he has stated that he would not play SCP Containment Breach, he was found playing through different mods of the game, including My Little Pony. Yet while playing the SCP Containment Breach MLP, he made it a fact that he is not a Brony.

Markiplier has posted videos in which he draws attention to My Little Pony. For instance, if you were to follow his channel, you will notice that he has uploaded a video titled “Caught Red Handed,” where he is watching the show at the beginning of the video, which is a clear reference to My Little Pony. The rest of the video has absolutely nothing to do with My Little Pony, instead he goes on to talk about his charities and such. It appears as though Markiplier knows exactly how to capture some YouTube attention with misleading titles. To further confirm that Markiplier is not a Brony, he bluntly spelled it out in the description of one his videos stating “Also, I’m not a Brony just a joke!”

Although Markiplier is not a Brony, he seems to have nothing against those who are. Some Bronies would say otherwise, stating that the only reason he appears to have no problem with Bronies is to maintain his fanbase. Regardless of what his opinion is of Bronies, the fact remains that he is not one himself.