Is Anthony Padilla a Brony?

Many wonder if Anthony Padilla is a Brony. Based on multiple forums, it appears as though that Anthony Padilla may in fact be a Brony. One indicator of this comes from Twitter. If you were to browse through his Twitter page, you will notice that he had retweeted an extremely bold statement, which provides evidence that Anthony is indeed a fan of My Little Pony. The statement reads as follows, “How did I go from knowing absolutely nothing about MLP to becoming a Huge Brony in just one day? And I’ve never been more happy in my life.” His retweet clearly suggests that he has some sort of association with Bronies in a very positive way.

Another indicator that may suggest that Anthony is a Brony comes from various group formations online. For instance, has a forum called Smosh that was founded by LittleBoyBlue. The group description in this specific forum states that it is for all Bronies that love Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla. In order to further understand this, one should question what Smosh is. It is the creation between both Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox where funny videos, games, photos and blogs are posted online. Seeing the Anthony is one of the faces behind this idea called Smosh, indicates his own approval of My Little Pony.

Anthony Padilla’s name is also associated with other forums involving postings of fan art for My Little Pony. Other social media sites pose the same question, is Anthony Padilla a Brony? Answer after answer continually confirms that Anthony is a Brony, simple and plain. So, unlike other YouTubers that may not be as obvious about their admiration of for My Little Pony, it is safe to say that Anthony is a fan.