Is ImmortalHD a Brony?

What or who is ImmortalHD?  What is a brony?  Is ImmortalHD a brony?  Those are the questions we will be tackling in the next few paragraphs.

What or who is ImmortalHD?

ImmortalHD is a guy named Aleks Marchant.  He or his work also goes by the name ImmortalHD Films.  Aleks is a 21 year old male who was born in Russia but came to America when he was 8.

Aleks is what is known as a “Creature.”  He also happens to be the newest member of the band Stuck in Your Radio where he plays bass.  Additionally, he plays a major role in the Machinima Happy Hour show called Sanity Not Included where he replaced another Creature by the name of Lyle.

Aleks made his name by making YouTube videos on his own channel.  He started with Minecraft machinimas.  Even though he had a good supply of these videos, he was hacked a while back and most of them were deleted.  He didn’t let that get him down though and went right back to making them.

ImmortalHD has been in several series with Sly like The Survival Games, The Last Update, Wifey Craft and Sly Breaks Friends.  You can find his current YouTube Channel by searching for ImmortalHD Films.

What exactly is a Brony?

A brony is a person of the male gender who is into My Little Ponies.  In other words, he is a fanboy of them.  These bronies are guys of all ages who collect the ponies, cos-play as them, create fan art and even fan-fic of them.  There are even some that create adult themed fan art and fan-fic involving the ponies.

This has turned into such a trend over the years that there is actually a Brony-Con which is sort of like Comic Con but just for bronies.

Is ImmortalHD a Brony?

You tell me.  Have you ever seen or heard anything about him in relation to bronies?  While he hasn’t come out as a brony, there is a bit of art called ImmortalHD party animation that is posted here by Chaos55t.

As far as anything else brony and ImmortalHD related, the information is just not enough to draw a conclusion with unless you are ImmortalHD.  Some people would love to see him as a brony while others might find it a bit odd.  Whatever the case, you make your own decision.  Is ImmortalHD a brony or not?