How to Draw My Little Pony

How to Draw My Little Pony

Today we are going to talk about how to draw a female pony from My Little Pony.  Let’s get to it!

1- My Little Ponies have large heads while their bodies are slightly shaped like beans.  For the head, draw a large circle and then draw two smaller circles for the torso.

2- For the neck add a tube shape and then sketch in some guidelines for the legs as well as a teardrop form on the smaller circle representative of the flank.  Draw 2 curved triangle for ears.

3-Draw the face in with large eyes, eyelashes and a small nose.  The mouth should be very curved.

4-For the legs, draw cylindrical shapes that curve a bit…the curve should be in the same direction on either side.  The bottom of the shapes should be wider than the top.  You will need to add an additional curve to make the joint on the rear legs.

5-Now you are ready to outline.  Connect all of the shapes you have drawn by following the outline.  You will need to add a small curve inside each ear and flatten the back of the head just slightly.  Add large pupils to the eyes.

6-Decide which type of hair you would like the pony to have and draw it in.

7-Fill in the lines with color.  Ponies come in all different colors and you can be creative here.  Most of the ponies on the show come in solid colors but if you want to make yours rainbow colored then you go right ahead and do it.  The differences in the ponies are what make them unique.

8-There is not a lot of shading to these ponies, but you might want to add a bit to the rear leg just to add a bit of depth to your pony.  You might also want to add streaks of lighter and darker shades to the eyes.

9-Take a look at your pony and make sure she is all colored in and all of here lines have been filled or colored.

10-All ponies in the My Little Pony world have a cutie mark on their flank.  Decide what your pony’s cutie mark will be and add it to the drawing.  The cutie mark is not just for the identification of the pony but it is also a reflection of its personality.  They are generally based on the habits, interests or talents of the pony.  Cutie marks are not generally the same color as the pony and they have no outline.

That’s it, you are finished with your pony.  Now all you have to do is give her a name!