How to Draw Fluttershy

My Little Pony is one of those kids’ cartoons that never seems to go out of style.  It seems to hold at least some appeal for both sexes through many generations.  There are even grown men fans of the series who call themselves “Bronies”.

Anyway, with all of the fans, like any other fandom, there will be people who want to learn how to draw the ponies.  With Fluttershy being one of the more popular ponies at the moment, this is a good one to start with.  If you happen to be unfamiliar with Fluttershy, this pony is yellow with 3 pink and blue butterflies on her rear flank and a pink mane and tail.

Drawing Fluttershy: Getting Started

You will need to first draw two shapes…a circle for the head and a sort of elongated oval for the body.  Sketch in the guidelines for the tail and the face.

This version of Fluttershy will be a profile or a view from the side.  Go ahead and draw the outline for her ear, chin and nose.

For her eyes, you will need to draw the top lid as well as a few pretty eyelashes right at the end of the lid.  At this point, you might also want to add in some details to her ear.

Moving on, you will now draw the eyeball and add some color to the pupil.  This is also a good time to add a dash to indicate a nostril and to add a smile to the face.

Fluttershy has a really thick and well-kept mane.  Draw in the mane with some falling over the hidden side of her face with the rest falling around her neck.

Fluttershy Drawing: Getting it Done

You are finished with the head and now ready to move on with the rest of her.  Draw in the neck and after that, draw the front leg.  She has little bird-like wings that go on next and you can also draw in her rear end.  The other front leg will come next and then the back legs followed by the stomach.

Fluttershy has a long, curly tail that drags the ground.  Draw this next.  Finally, you will draw three little butterflies on her rear flank.  You will also put in the strand lines for her tail and mane.

Clean the drawing up by erasing any visible guidelines and then color her in and you have just drawn Fluttershy.

Once you have drawn one of the My Little Ponies, you will find that you can actually draw all of them.  Couple that with you own vivid imagination and you will never run out of new and entertaining My Little Pony stories for you and your friends to enjoy!