What is a Fedora Brony?

Before you can understand what a fedora brony is, you first have to have an understanding of what a brony is.

A brony is generally a male fan of the My Little Pony franchise.  Even though the franchise has a target demographic for small females, there are adult males who have created a sort of online clan or support group for other males who share the fandom.

These particular males are generally stereotyped in several ways but as with all stereotypes, there is little truth to it.

If you look, you will be able to find brony sites all over the internet.  They have their own alternative to Facebook as well as dedicated brony Facebook pages.  They have their own My Little Pony news channel and even a brony version of 4Chan.  There are forums galore along with a gazillion blogs.  All of these sites are chock full of chatter and even controversy about the fandom.

If you do look for brony related internet content you will find animations, videos, music, fan fiction and even more.  It is like a true subculture.

Bronies are not just en although males make up the vast majority of the group.

If you know anything about the anime fandoms or the furries, you will understand that bronies are just incredibly excited about their ponies just like anime fans and furries have their obsessions.

It really isn’t all that odd at all once you really think about it.  In fact, think about what your favorite television show, video game or anything else is that makes you super excited and it is all relative.

Just as there are Whovians, Game of Thrones and Sherlock fandoms, there are fandoms for kids’ shows too.

Now, Fedora Bronies.

The leap shouldn’t be that difficult for this one.  A fedora brony is a brony who also happens to be a fan of fedoras.  Yes, the fedora hat.  While these bronies will often be seen sporting fedoras in real life they will also be found creating their own animations, videos and the like combining their specific My Little Pony character with a fedora on his head.  They will write fan fiction about their characters with the ponies wearing fedoras.

Now, that said, there seems to be even more controversy about fedora bronies than there is regarding regular bronies.  There are dating sites just for fedora bronies as well as dating sites that ban them.  Some women seem to think that an image of a guy wearing a fedora is an instant turnoff believe it or not.

Regardless of the controversy over both bronies and fedora bronies, these guys are not afraid to shout their likes to the world.