How to Draw Rainbow Dash

Men, women and children of all ages love the My Little Pony characters for some reason.  There is something to the stories that just grabs you and makes you take notice.  This is a key element in the success of the little critters.

One thing about fans of cartoons, animations, anime or anything else of that nature is that they tend to want to be able to draw the various characters themselves.  If this describes you then just keep reading and you will soon be drawing Rainbow Dash like a pro.

Drawing Dragon Rainbow Dash

In beginning to draw any of the ponies, it if easier to start with basic shapes to use as guidelines and then go from there.  Drawing Dragon Rainbow Dash is no different in this aspect.  Begin with a circle that will be her head and then draw a sort of odd oval shape for her body.  Once you have done that, you can add leg and foot guides as well as some guidelines for her face.

The next step involves her ear which is high and pointed and her mane (bangs) on the top of her head.  After those two elements are drawn, you can work on sketching in the shape of her jaw and face.  Her muzzle should actually be sort of pointed like a dragons would be.

Now you can concentrate on the expressive facial features such as the eyes.  Draw in the eyebrows to make her look happy, sad or full of spunk and attitude.  Add in the opposite side of the jaw and don’t forget to give her a hole for a nostril.

Body Work

Now that you have pretty much finished the head and face, it is time to draw in the shoulder and part of the back of Dragon Rainbow Dash.  You will also need to draw in the front feet only instead of horse hooves, they will be talons like an eagles.  Wings come next and these will be more dragon like than bird like.  You will need to add to the details of the wings.

Once you have the front legs and talons, the shoulder, back and wings, Dragon Rainbow Dash still need to have at least one visible hind leg and talon.  Once you have that drawn in you can start erasing any and all visible guidelines that remain.

Don’t forget to give her a tail though.  This will be more of a dragon style tail than a pony tail.  It shouldn’t be hairy but some scales might do the trick.  In coloring her in, remember her name is Dragon RAINBOW Dash.  She features an entire rainbow of colors and they should be proudly displayed whenever she is drawn.