Is Andy Biersack a Brony?

As you can see from the title, we will be discussing whether or not Andy Biersack is a brony.  For those who have absolutely no clue as to who Andy Biersack is or what a brony is, we will tackle those issues first.

Who exactly is Andy Biersack?

Andy is a 23 year old American male who is a pianist, bassist, singer and songwriter.  He is not only the founder of a band called the Black Veil Brides, he is also the lead singer.  Just recently he has started a solo musical project using the name Andy Black.

What is a Brony?

Have you ever heard of the children’s toys and television shows called My Little Pony?  Yes, it sounds like something that is geared more towards a female audience…and it is, but recently there have been more and more guys getting into the show and becoming collectors of the dolls and these guys are known as bronies.  They have gotten to be so large in numbers that they have their own conventions known as Brony-Con.

So, is Andy Biersack a Brony?

In all reality, you can search the web as much as you like and you will only find one reference to Andy Biersack in relation to bronies.  In this one instance, there is a piece of fan art that has represented Andy Biersack in the form of a My Little Pony drawing complete with Andy’s hairstyle, makeup and tattoos.

This pony is white with a black mane and tail.  He has black and gold wings and wears one bandana around his forehead and another around his neck.  Over the neck bandana there is a necklace with a cross pendant.  The pony also features a blue studded dog collar around his front ankle and a blue tattoo of a cross on the same leg.  There is a star for his cutie mark and another studded dog collar (black) around his back leg.

The writing on the fan art says “Andy Biersack is now an official brony!  BVBARMY Forever!”

Now, does that make Andy Biersack a Brony?  He definitely is called a brony in the picture, but in reality is Andy Biersack a fan of the My Little Pony culture?  Who knows, he could be.  He has never told any of the press of he is or not so all you can do is decide for yourself what your opinion is.

To see the picture click here.