Fan Interviews Fan Interview #101: Danny Jones Fan #1BRONY.COM FAN:   Danny Jones
AGE:  21
LOCATION:  Gary, Indiana   Tell us about how you discovered the show, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic?

Danny Jones:  Well, my first time being actually introduced to My Little Pony wasn’t a pleasant experience. I am a PC gamer, one of my favorite games is Garry’s Mod. In that game you are allowed to spray a custom image on the walls and such (like graffiti). I joined a game one day, and on the loading screen people were posting little comments, and one said “Bronies are the scum of the internet, they are like Furries, but worse“.

When I entered the game, it was a bunch of 12-13 year old kids that were doing this.  They were putting up inappropriate pictures of ponies. They were annoying, frustrating, bad team members, and obscene.  That’s when I decided that enough was enough.  I changed my name to Ransom the Brony Slayer, and I joined the Anti-Brony-Brotherhood, not knowing what an actual Brony was.  I continued to hate Bronies for about two or three months after that.  Every time someone saw my screen name, they’d kept telling me that I needed to watch the show, and that my dislike for it was all wrong. I said, “Really?  A show for little girls? You really want me to watch a show for little girls? No way.”  I’m the kind of guy who as a kid was raised on Dragon Ball Z, Cowboy Bebop, Trigun, Samurai Champloo, and I am now also a huge fan of Bleach.

It wasn’t until I met a kid named “Meowker” that I changed my mind.  I was so mean to the kid for liking the show. I called him several bad names, laughed in his face.  Then I left the game server. About two hours later, there was a friend request in my inbox. It was from “Meowker”.  So I said aloud, “What the heck, I’ll add him.”  So I added him, and he introduced me to what Bronies really stand for. He even got me to fall in love with the show. Now I won’t shut up about it. Ironic, right?   What do you like so much about the show, and why does it mean so much to you?

Danny Jones:  Well, the reason I like My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic so much is mainly because of the diverse characters. The first episode where we meet all the characters, that showed the qualities of people in real life.  It was like they were pretty much human. Twilight being the book worm, Rarity is the dramatic, Fluttershy is all about animal rights, just like many people that I know. Applejack is honest and a hard worker (like my father), Pinkie Pie loves to party and always needs to be around friends, and Rainbow Dash is a loyal perfectionist and always wants to be number one.  All of those qualities I see in myself and other people in general.  The show is just so real it’s like it is alive.  Also, Vinyl Scratch is my favorite background character because I absolutely love electronic music. I’m also an Amateur DJ.  Some of the artwork Bronies make is absolutely amazing too by the way.   So who’s your favorite pony, and why?

Danny Jones:  Rainbow Dash is my favorite of the Mane 6 because she is fearless, she is the fastest flyer in all of Equestria (Sorry Alicorn Twilight).  The way I relate to her so much is just because of my past.  In Dragon Ball Z and Bleach, almost all the characters can fly.  Its just something about the whole flight thing with me.  Like, the sky is the limit or something.  I also like Rainbow’s bossy attitude as well, her loyalty, and the pranks that she pulls. She is just the best.  And what does it mean to you to be a Brony?

Danny Jones:  Being a Brony to me is all about kindness, and being loyal to one’s own friends, helping people in need, having fun, and enjoying life in general.  The real Bronies to me are some of the greatest people to grace this planet, and I will raise my fist to Brohoof every single one of them!  Why do you think that the show has gotten so popular with fans over the last three seasons?

Danny Jones:  Just look at the fan base. It’s mainly guys, and we all play video games together.  It all makes sense. I don’t force the show on people, but rather try to nudge them into checking it out, if I know they like cartoons. Besides Regular Show and Adventure Time, there aren’t any quality cartoons out there anymore.  That’s another reason I believe the show is popular. By default maybe.  Also because the show in itself is just so good.  What are you top five favorite episodes from the the first three MLP:FIM seasons, and why?

Danny Jones:   My favorite episodes? Wow, that’s a tough one.  ‘Nightmare Night’, ‘Sonic Rainboom’, ‘Fall Weather Friends’, ‘The Mysterious Mare Do Well’, and ‘Putting Your Hoof Down’.  Those are my all-time favorites.  I think the first and second season are most memorable to me because it is when I first started watching the show.  What are your expectations for Season 4?

Danny Jones:  For Season 4….. I hope we get to see the challenges that Twilight has to overcome as an Alicorn.  I hope she becomes the Princess of Ponyville. She has studied so hard her entire life without friends, so why not reward her for all  that she has done?  I hope we still get the episodic values that we’ve had with the past seasons and hopefully without any more changes to the show.  M.A. Larson has changed it enough as it is.  I just want it to remain a fun and happy show, I want them to add more fighting scenes with the characters, and challenge them a bit even more (even though they have already gone through enough as it is).    ###

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