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Bronies For Good Needs You For Their Worldwide Blood Drive bronies for good charity blood donationBronies For Good, everyone’s favorite national charity organization are asking all Bronies to donate blood across the world this month.

The Brony charity has helped so many much deserving causes in recent years and starting on September 5th 2013 and going through October 5th, Bronies For Good has teamed up with Nurse Readheart’s Roundup.

Nurse Readheart’s Roundup along with Bronies For Good are asking Bronies across the world to donate blood and by doing such Bronies will be able to help the worldwide need for blood for transfusions for those in desperate need. Bronies that take part will also be entered into a prize drawing as well. It’s a win win for every pony involved for a wonderful cause. For more information please visit the Bronies For Good website HERE:

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