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Boy, We Never Tire Of These Life-Sized Pony Fan Creations


We’ve written about a few of these totally-amazing specially-designed life-size pony fan creations throughout 2015, and it seems to us, at least to those watching out for them here at, that with each that comes to the public attention, the designs and the creations themselves improve over the previous.

And this one is no exception.

Deviant Art’s “DoubleBackStitchArts” has created a Life-Size Princess Celestia.  And it’s totally amazing.

Here’s the description via DA:

“Princess Celestia. The big one. This bigpony has been on my personal to-plush list for ages because of just how impressive I thought such a pony would be. And it only took me a few years to find someone crazy enough to take me up on it and then wait another year for me to get around to making her XD This Sunbutt was made for wilshirewolf, because who else would seriously hire me to make a pony that: Weighs 60lbs plus or minus ten, is 5ft 8in tall without mane or tiara, is easily over 7ft total height, has a wingspan of 108 inches, has a horn nearly 2ft long, required around 25ft of PVC pipe to prop up, took up over 50lbs of stuffing, needed 18 yards of fabric, took countless hours of time over many months, and tested my limits of what I thought plushingly possible. Her regalia is made of EVA foam and lined with a soft red fabric, with custom handcrafted plastic gems. Her body and mane are made from minky, her cutie marks and irises are embroidered. And yes it was a pain embroidering a cutie mark 10 inches wide! “

As one can see in the above photo of this life-sized Celestia, she is upright on a PVS stand.

More by “DoubleBackstitchArts”

“She’s a monster to set on it, and I know she’ll be even worse to ship! Soonly I’ll have a journal post with some bonus pics and some bloggy stuff about what’s next and what’s going on with me and whatnot, but for now thanks for checking my Celestia out! Take a look at my gallery for other life-size work, as well as other plush sizes too.”

If you remember, some months back, were promoted DoubleBackstitchArts life-size Princess Luna figure.      Good stuff.

If you’d like to see more photos of this life-size Celestia as well as see the step-by-step process in which she was crafted please visit DoubleBackstitchArts DA page here.

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