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Beware of Spoilers for Season 5 of My Little Pony

river-pony-doctor-who-roleplaying-33708201-500-507As many of you know, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic returned this last Saturday, and with the return of everyone’s favorite show comes the return of spoilers.
Pretty much every My Little Pony discussion site has their own way of dealing with spoilers, but the most important thing is to respect how they do it. Not everyone has a chance to see the new episode the day it comes out.
Reddit’s /r/mylittlepony board does it in a very creative way. Reddit itself doesn’t have any sort of tag set aside for spoilers, but they do have a tag for NSFW posts. Because the board is decidedly kept PG, the mods have set up their custom CSS to automatically change all NSFW posts to display “Spoiler” instead. It works really well and allows users turn off all the spoilers with the click of a button.
This day in age, a lot of people don’t have cable, and more specifically, even more don’t have the higher cable packages that include Discovery Family. Because of that, not everyone has access to see the new episodes right away, so it’s important to keep information about the new episodes to a minimum.

So, put simply, respect your site of choice regarding their rules about spoilers.

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