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Back To School with your Favorite Ponies

Labor Day is coming up and there’s one thing that all kids dread around this time: School is starting up, and while My Little Pony won’t be back until later this month, school kids  and adult fans alike have access to a wide variety of school supplies starring their favorite ponies.
The regular back to school fare is all present; from notebooks, to pencils, to binders, you can get it all with My Little Pony characters on it. That’s really not all though; This selection offers fans some really cool gear that they will have the opportunity to use outside of grade school.
Need a bag? Rainbow dash has you covered!



Order Rainbow Dash Backpack here

Looking for a place to organize your tax forms? Why not keep them safe inside these folders:


2Order My Little Pony folders here

There’s tons of cool stuff available that fans will undoubtedly love to use on a daily basis, so be sure to check out your local department store!
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