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Avant-Garde Balloon Design Pays Tribute to Season 5 Episode


No Ordinary Balloon Man is at it again, and thank goodness for that!

Balloon Man has gone avant-garde with his latest Pony creation.

Here’s what he has to say about it on his Deviant Art page:

” This is my version of “Tanks for the Memories” one of the newest episodes of MLP. In this scene Rainbow Dash is crying because her pet Turtle will have to hibernate for the winter, which means she will not see him for months. After seeing how saddened she is all of the “mane six” show that they feel for her, either by crying with her or in the case of Applejack crying on the inside. The other picture will show everything in a full spectrum. I made sure to put a lot of details in including the bed, rainbow sash, tank/rainbow dash slippers, all of them crying and turtle clouds and Rainbow Dash’s robe.”

Season 5 Tribute, indeed.

Check out No Ordinary Balloon Man’s DA page here.

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