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Hirsute Henry is a unicorn. A lover of Discord, HH, came to the brony fandom after seeing Discord sing “Glass of Water.” After watching a clip on YouTube, Hirsute Henry began watching MLP:FIM on Netflix where he has continued to watch the show all of these years later. His greatest passion in life is making movies with his friends. Being a lover of film-making his cutie mark is a reel of film, a clapboard, and a buck of popcorn. MLP: FIM has been a huge influence on how HH has approached movie-making and has also served as an influence and inspiration in his other work hobbies, and of course, his life. May Harmony abound!

Rosy Canvas Princess Lun
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Lo! In times of hardship, the three pony tribes – Pegasi, Earth Ponies, and Unicorns – were plagued with blizzards. Winter spirits called Windigos came to feed off the hatred the three tribes had for each other. But on one

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