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Animator Michel Gagné Signs On For Next My Little Pony Movie

final_logo_mergedIf you’re an animation lover as much as we are then you, no doubt, are very familiar with the name Michel Gagné.   Gagné an animator behind such work as The Land Before Time, An American Tale and All Dogs Go to Heaven is currently at work on the upcoming Sony animated Spider-Man movie.

From Michel’s blog:

On Jun 10 2015, I received an email from Jayson [Thiessen] enquiring about my availability and asking if I’d be interested in working on the My Little Pony movie. I didn’t know much about the franchise, but the thought of collaborating with Jayson was extremely appealing. I really like the guy!

Early this year, I was invited to Vancouver where I was pitched the project. The animation tests I was shown looked fantastic and the potential for amazing 2D FX is huge. I thought to myself, this will be a great canvas for my FX! It’s like they boarded part of the film with me in mind! At the time, I was still finishing up Battleborn, but my mind was pretty much set that this would be the next project I would tackle, once my obligations with Gearbox were over.
Then, came the call from Sony about the Spider-Man movie, another project I wanted to do (see previous post). I’m so glad that Sony and DHX were able to find a way for me to do both films.

So where does The Saga of Rex movie fit in? Well, this is where things stand: Grid Animation is STILL working on the financial/distribution side and as long as I keep renewing their option, I’m in a gridlock as far as that property goes. My goal is to get Rex into production as soon as I finish the two projects I’ve already committed to (MLP and Spiderman). Hopefully by then, Grid Animation will be ready as well.”

Check out Michel’s blog HERE:

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