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Amy Keating Rogers releases some of her Pony archives on Twitter

220px-Amy_keating_rogers_bronycon_summer_2012_croppedAny My Little Pony fan–any Brony–knows the name Amy Keating Rogers.   In fact, her name has almost become as synonymous with the Hasbro/Discovery Family hit animated series as that of Lauren Faust or Megan McCarthy.   While bronies were saddened early this year to hear about Rogers’s move over to Disney, fans of My Little Pony have remained faithful to her vision for the ponies as well as continued to sing her most memorable songs from the series.

On Twitter, recently, Rogers posted up some photos of unused My Little Pony show materials such as her meeting notes, cut scenes from some of the scripts that she has written for various episodes, her hand-written song lyrics amongst other ephemera from her time on My Little Pony.

You can follow her on Twitter here, as well as see some of the photos she’s posted.

Here’s Roger’s notes below which show her experimenting with some new Pony names for the show:

Keating Rogers Pony names

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