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Amazing Outpouring of Generosity at 2015 BronyCAN Charity Auction

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Attendees to this year’s BronyCAN had a lot of fun this past weekend, with Peter New, Michelle Creber, and Black Gryph0n in attendance and tons of panels and events to enjoy. One big event was the charity auction, a great opportunity for My Little Pony fans to be generous and have fun.

The auction went off amazing, raising a great deal of money for “Critter Care Wildlife Society,” an animal protection society headquartered in Langley, BC. A lot of great artwork and commissions were auctioned off for charity, but one story in particular from the auction speaks volumes about the generosity that many fans possess.

The Artist known by her online persona of “Leekfish” donated a piece of artwork to the charity auction; a My Little Pony comic book with her artwork on the cover, signed by Lauren Faust and Nichole Oliver. Leekfish put a lot of love into the donation and was sad to give it away, but knew that it was a great thing to do for the wildlife society. When the auction was all said and done, an amazing fan named Preston Moore ended up donating $800 (CAD) to charity.

Now, you may think the story ends here, but it gets even better. Knowing how much Leekfish loved the comic book that she had worked on, and after donating 800 dollars to get it, Mr. Moore gave it right back to her as a gift.

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When someone does something like this, it reminds you that good people are all around us, we just need to be the good people we want to meet. Generosity is a great thing.


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