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Amazing Handmade Shadowboxes by The Paper Pony


Shadow boxes are simply put, shapes cut out of paper layered on top of one another to create cool effect. Their creation process is long and arduous, but the effect they create is really very cool. They are by far one of the neatest things that fans make.
A couple known simply as “The Paper Pony” makes some really cool ones they they sell in their Etsy shop. The boxes are very professionally done, and the honestly look awesome.  
Mr. and Mrs. Paper Pony have recently put together a new room in their house specifically dedicated to making these boxes, and their organization really shows how dedicated they are to doing a good job.  

 With so many different designs to choose from, including a lot of non pony ones, they have something that everyone will love. They all look very cool and look great hanging on the wall.
Check out their Etsy store here:

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