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4th Equestria Girls Movie Gets Go Ahead Via Hasbro Studies


While this isn’t necessarily the shocker of the century, it seemed fairly obvious that Hasbro would announce yet another Equestria Girls movie in the wake of the success of the current season of MLP:FIM and the previous Equestria Girls movie, and it’s been floating around the internet over the last couple days that Hasbro has green-lit the next EQ girls movie.   Now, the age-old question?  What will it be about?   Will there be some sort of homage to contemporary movies as with the last Equestria Girls movie, Friendship Games–playing tribute to The Hunger Games film franchise–can we expect more of the same with the next, and will in the heck will the 4th Equestria Girls movie be released?  There are all questions that many of us are asking ourselves and other ponies, and, while they are all fairly obvious questions to be asking, do we think that Hasbro will be letting us know within the next couple months or the next half of year?  Probably the first, right?  Nonetheless, this is exciting news if you’re a fan of all things My Litte Pony, and even bigger news if you’re an Equestria Girls super fan.

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