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10 Pony Cosplayers That Tried Too Hard or Not Hard Enough

With Halloween looming around the corner, and the MLP convention season, for the most part, over with, we here at have seen our share of MLP cosplay run wild, or, run amok, if you will.  Now we think any Pony that is brave enough to dress up and attend their convention is someone whom should really be admired, but damn, what about those who have tried too hard with their costume, and what about those, who just didn’t try hard enough.    There’s a middle ground that needs to be obtained when one sets out into the cosplay area.  You either go-for-broke and pull off the great MLP costume ever made or you just call it in with a .79cents of Scotch Tape, some cardboard, and a thrift store tie-dyed prom dress.    We’ve seen it all, here at, and that’s why we’re leaving it up to decide:  Which of these Ponies tried too hard and which didn’t try hard enough.    Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

Who tried too hard and who didn’t try hard enough? pony cosplayers 1 pony cosplayers 2 pony cosplayers3 pony cosplayers4 pony cosplayers5 pony cosplayers6 pony cosplayers7 pony cosplayers8 pony cosplayers9 pony cosplayers10

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