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10.5″ Applejack Plush Now Available For Pre-Order

Applejack%20Left%20Angle%20preorder-500x500Pony plushies, the greatest thing since the television, arguably. But what’s greater than snuggling up with your favorite pony and watching the complete series on Netflix. Whether its a pony of the Mane 6, a background pony, or even a commissioned plushie of your very own OC, plushies are always welcome to our collections.

No matter the size, small, big, medium or even life-size pony plushies never seize to amuse. And to top off your collection, you can now pre-order a 10.5″ Applejack plushie! To help demonstrate the size, a Build-a-Bear pony is sized at 15″, which is a pretty big plush, so 10.5″ is nowhere near too small for comfort. As of right now she’s only open to pre-order, but should be here in time for the holidays! There is more details on order on the order page.

Here’s a brief description given on the plush:

“Applejack is everyone’s favorite hard-working, hat-toting earth pony. Tough as nails, this freckled mare is honest, strong and courageous. She lives with her family and pet dog on their farm, Sweet Apple Acres. She stands about 11 inches tall from hoof to head and she is downright raring to make a new friend!

Applejack comes with an attached hat which is not a toy. The hat is not removable and it is made from stretched and hardened felt, so please be gentle with it!”

The Applejack plush pre-order is priced at $24.95, an honest price for an honest mare. So don’t forget to add this tough, tree-bucking mare to your plush collection, or even lend it as a gift to others to help them expand their own collection!

You can place your order and see more info here.  

But the list doesn’t stop at Applejack, you can get your own 10.5″ plush of a handful of characters! Here’s a list of pony plushies available.

-Dr. Whooves
-Rainbow Dash
-Twilight Sparkle
-Pinkie Pie

You can see the other pony plushies here. 

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