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Another Synopsis Revealed! 28 Pranks Later

My Little Zombie!?!?! We dropped the news last week that actor, comic, and all-around royal geek Patton Oswalt would be voicing a role in an upcoming episode of the show when it returns from hiatus.   Well, today, we’ve got more good news for you! Another synopsis for yet another episode has been unveiled. 28 Pranks Later, will see Rainbow Dash’s pranking get out of hand, as the ponies decide to give her a taste of her own medicine zom-pony style! 28 Pranks Later, no doubt, is a homage to the popular Danny Boyle-directed zombie movie 28 Days Later which hit theaters back in 2002.   And with the appearance of Zom-Pony we’re almost 100% certain about this. 28 Pranks later will… Read more »