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William Shatner is Back on Bronies

Captain Kirk aka William Shatner is tweeting about My Little Pony again.   This marks his first tweet about MLP since last year.   This tweet is simple, direct, and right to the point.    When will Shatner have a voice role on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic?   We’d love to see Shatner on the show, but a question remains: who would be voice?  

William Shatner, Captain Kirk, is now a brony. Yes, it’s a good day!

So, we’ve seen celebrities post on Twitter often about My Little Pony, or bronies, or other things connected to the My Little Pony universe. Outside of Miley Cyrus or that red-headed Weasley from the Harry Potter movies, we’ve never had such a bold exclamination of brony-dom that we had yesterday courtsey of Mr. William Shatner. Best know for his role as “James T. Kirk” on the landmark and influential Star Trek series (1967-69), Shatner has been a presence in the pop culture zeitgeist for over fifty years now. And this makes sense, because Star Trek was the first example of geek pop culture, and without the show, we might not likely have ever had a comic con, a movie con,… Read more »

William Shatner, Mr. Captain Kirk of Star Trek, to voice a character on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic?

Ha!  We bet once you saw this headline, you would, no doubt come running to see what this was all about? Well, this isn’t a rumor or a misrepresentation.   This is a totally possibility in the works in fact. As My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic director “Big” Jim Miller recently exchanged some Tweets with Shatner about the possibility. Here it is: Follow “Big” Jim Miller on Twitter here.

Today is the best day ever because William Shatner is a Brony!

Stop the presses!   Given that we’ve seen various celebrities out themselves as Bronies in the last couple years we haven’t had a celebrity of Bill’s magnitude and respectability emerge from the pop culture ethos as a Brony.  Until recently… Over in the land of tweets Shatner launched into several mentions of My Little Pony hinting at his admiration. Are we crazy, or is Shatner a Brony?   Spock, God, we hope so… It all makes sense when you think about it…