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  1. Derrek

    I have a S4 question:
    Will we see more of Princess Luna, and will it be more than in just one episode and a few cameos?

  2. Tim

    I find her answers incredibly vague and thus it is hard to tell what she is actually thinking, or whether what’s REALLY going on S4 is what she wants us to believe. I have my fingers crossed and I’m not ready to completely distrust her. I’m sure that I will enjoy it to some degree, just as I did with Season 3 (yeah I liked it, what about it?). But I’m not THAAAT excited, nor do I think it will be as breath-taking as she wants us to expect.

  3. Haley Jones

    WOW! 53 alicorns!? That’s a lot! I’m so excited for Season 4. I do have a question, though; Will one of the episodes of season 4 be focusing on the mane background ponies? (Dctor Hooves, Derpy, Lyra, Bonbon, Carrot Top, and Colgate)

  4. ELectric Storm

    yea see am i really big applejack fan an i was jus wonderin if we’ll see more of her an maybe some character growth with her than in previous seasons

  5. Corey

    Spike, whats it feel like always spitting up letters from Celestia?

  6. Tim Kirtland

    Concerning Spike’s age, would you say he’s still a baby dragon, or a bit more of a kid or teenager, since he doesn’t really act like a baby in the show?

  7. Steven Fletcher

    Spike, what’s your favorite episode in the series?

  8. Liberty Charlton

    Are there any traits in Spike that you can relate to?

  9. Amolatronic

    Concerning Peewee, Spike’s phoenix pet. Do you know if it will come back in season 4 ?
    Because it’s the best pet ever made !

  10. tyler

    so spike was there ever a time that you had to overcome your fear at any point?

  11. David

    do you think they will make an episode where they will describe your whole back story

    • Ohmeko Ocampo

      I didn’t even know about this site till now. I’ve been going to We Love Fine and Equestria Daily for my pony merchandise. Awesome that you guys have this website just for bronies and yes I been spreading the brohoof to other guys. 21 year old college guy loving ponies represent!

  12. Kelly Crow

    Oh for the love of Princess Luna… And they’re not even going to fix Dashie’s skin?!?! WTH??!?!?!

  13. mary e paul

    cathy what is you most fav episode of all time 🙂

  14. mary e paul

    o gosh if i could meet you well i live in wv a long ways away from you lolz

  15. Wayne Gregory

    i know alot of brony’s are kind of upset over this one. but lets look at it this way. Alot of us have wondered what they would be like in human form. Know we will get to see it. And they are going to stay true to the show in every way they can. I t hink it will be awesome

  16. Liam

    why equestia girls whyyyy ? when you know us bronys like the show

  17. disqus_agXUVxKeZL

    It would be awesome if you actually carried small or extra small in your juniors versus everything out of stock. It would also be nice if you offered more kids stuff! I do love your stuff though, just wish you had more of a variety 🙂 Like you did at Comicon!

  18. Rainbow Crash

    They should make a season 4 because I’m getting tired of watching the same old episodes all the time.

  19. Midlight Stars

    Could you be using some backround ponies as….OCs?! Also, is Derpy REALLY cut out?

  20. Midlight Stars

    *throws money at screen* ME NEED TO SEE S4 NOW!!!!!!!! XD

  21. Callum Khaos Sparkz Parker

    Holy Sweet Celestia majorly awesome wut?!?!?! O_O I would have just settled for the glass cabinet you displayed it in xD

  22. Erica Volansky

    It’s not letting me send you my email to sign up for the newsletter 🙁 “Failed to send your message. Please try later or contact the administrator by another method.”

  23. Sami

    I SO hope I win XP The only thing is, I’m boycotting Facebook (and no longer have an account, so…yeah…)

  24. Ohmeko Ocampo

    I preordered this book. I have the Pinkie Pie book and Twilight Sparkle book already. Thanks for the heads up. : D

  25. Brittany LeAnn Powell

    this would be the best birthday wish ever granted :0

  26. Sami

    Okay, seriously, who won? I’m starting to worry I might have accidentally deleted the e-mail or something…

  27. Evan Klug

    -_-_-_-INCOMING RANT-_-_-_-

    This makes me feel genuinely embarrassed that Hasbro still thinks that their demographic is young girls. Hasbro, come on man. You guys should know this by now…Take this quote and drill it into your mind: YOUR DEMOGRAPHIC IS TEEN GUYS TO MEN. MAKE YOUR SHOWS AS SUCH.” As incredibly Brony as I am, this movie was really bad. I think a lot of bronies can agree with me. The idea was so bad it seemed like they just copy-pasted a casual clop fanfiction and made it a script. And the writing doesn’t tell any difference. I high school drama just does NOT seem the way to go to make their first movie about the show we all know and love. It’s just laughable. When I watched the movie once it was released on the bay, I watched the whole thing, thinking it wasn’t as bad as I was making it out to be. But I was watching it at about midnight, and my brain was just dead as crap and I needed to go to bed. The next day I got up and watched it again and it was bizzare how mind-bendingly awful this movie was. Sunset Shimmer was the exact same thing as putting Diamond Tiara in high school and just making a movie out of it. Also, Sunset being “high-school” area of mean doesn’t exactly seem very offensive. She was only being mean for the absolute hell of it. Hasbro was so desperate for a plot they didn’t even bother to think up an idea, they just slapped some high school bitch into it. And then what did they do? They made her turn into fucking Satan. I mean good lord, it is quite literally THE DEVIL. I MEAN COME ON. LOOK AT THIS: To make up for the dissapointing antagonist idea, I would’ve thought Hasbro would redeem themselves with a cool ending. Nope. It was the same thing they did in EVERY two-part episode since season 1: The power of friendship of the elements of harmony rainbow. Original? I think not. Once that happened, Sunset immediately regrets her ways and just apologizes. Many tears were shed. Not my tears, I was too busy scoffing in pity. I mean Sunset. Think about how rushed this movie feels. Nightmare Moon took a thousand years to leave her evil ways behind. Discord, almost half a season. And Sunset just gives up IMMEDIATELY. That just feels so wrong.

    Listen. I know My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic is a show originally intended as a family show. That is very well understood, because Lauren Faust is very talented at that sort of thing. That is the reason we all love this show. But my real question is, where the hell was Lauren when this movie was being made? They dropped from the “Family” demographic to the “5-6 year olds” demographic rather quickly.

    My 9 year old cousin is a Pegasister. We both watch all the new episodes as soon as they come out. We love to share our opinions of every episode. But she LOVED EQ Girls. I mean hands-down loved it. I didn’t. Makes sense now, right?

    Sorry you had to read all that. That is my truly honest opinion. I hope you know that I am not trolling, this is just the way I feel. Thanks for understanding a fellow brony.


  28. Nicholas Rinker

    i ordered my shirt, got it, they forgot to include the sun glasses… that was the wholereason why i got it, and i still need it by the saturday after the next -_-

  29. Nicholas Rinker

    Ordered shirt, got it, they forgot the sunglasses… that’s the whole reason i did it, and now i have no glasses and i need them by next Saturday

  30. Nicholas Rinker

    I ordered a shirt for the free glasses for an event next saturday and they were not with the shipment, is there anyway i can contact someone for help?

  31. BlueCookieTouch

    Hoping for my OC Blue Cookie Touch to be on the series 🙂 i hope you could Add it for MLP FIM Season 4. its cutiemark should be a Music Note Green colored And if you could add a voice actress for Blue Cookie Touch, i will be glad to see my OC Pony into MLP Season 4 :3. thanks :D. BCT Mane 7

  32. GeneralMittler

    im not sure if they realize it, but that twilight wallet needs to be fixed cuz last time i checked twilights cutie mark didnt hang off of her mane and her iris goes all the way around her pupil, not just 2 purple lines that go halfway to the edge of eye……

  33. Ohmeko Ocampo

    MLPFIM is a badass cartoon that blends elements of anime, cartoons from the 90s, and disney all into one awesome pony package.

  34. Telofy

    I emailed you the code the day this post went up. Did you check the spam folder? This makes me think though that your previous raffle winners on Facebook may well have gotten back to you as well, in which case they deserve her more.

  35. Lloyd Hillier

    Hey Bronys and Ponys,

    I’m really not sure who or where to ask, so I’ll ask here. I’m looking for a “My Little Pony Rainbow Dash Face Kids Sky Blue Costume Hoodie Sweatshirt with Mane, Wings and Tail” however the only size available online anywhere that I can find is a size 4, which for my god daughter, is going to be a bit tight. So if I could I’d get a size 5/6. Anybody know if they are making any larger sizes and when they may be available. Her birthday is not till December, so I got a bit of time. but I dare say there are lots of little girls… and boys 😉 wanting to get there hands on one.
    thank you for you time, and I’ll keep my fingers crossed

  36. Gabriel

    I am interested on “My Little Pony Rainbow Dash Face Kids Sky Blue Costume Hoodie Sweatshirt”. is it available in a size 8 (M)? please let me know ASAP.

  37. Zalen Crowder

    Checking the status of Order: #3479. Order placed on 10/21 and I have not gotten a shipment notification.

  38. Ohmeko Ocampo

    I watched it. It was good, refreshing. Some plot issues, but the enjoyment overshadowed it. : D

  39. Ohmeko Ocampo

    They need to put this stuff on bluray! I’ll buy them all over again! XD

  40. Marco Tagliabue

    Well…that’s quite true, they offer instant messaging directly on the website IF you pay for it

  41. theshakeupsband

    Thanks so much for the excellent review! As Dashie would say, you guys are “AWWWWEEEEESOMMMMEEEE!!!!”

  42. joybells the great

    hey, i know this is for dudes but I can name 62 different ponies names out of my head (and being a pony fan just isn’t enough) any chance I can be a female brony. PLEAS!!!

  43. crystal rivas

    where can i get in contact with someone? i got a message my item shipped but no tracking number or carrier service.. what the heck

  44. cindy aparicio

    I’m not sure how to contact someone. I am waiting on order #3823. Order was placed on Dec. 4. I have’t’ gotten any updates however I noticed i typed my email wrong. I did instead of My full email should be How can I fix this and how can i find out when to expect my order? Thank

  45. Drew Olson

    whoa wait, what does the Derpy thing mean? can you actually unlock her as a permanent pony now?

  46. Mark

    to Cindy Aparicio: I didnt get my order and it’s been 2 fucking months!!!! PISSED CUSTOMER!

  47. Lou G

    The first sentence of your article makes your argument mute:

    If you’re a Brony under the age of 25 there’s a very good chance that you might not be familiar with the name Hunter S. Thompson.

    the only people that are going to know it are adults. Kids are just going to see Discord in a funny shirt and a hat.

  48. Jenna Christine Hale-Brown

    i am the royal princess alicorn twilight sparkel

  49. Gannon


  50. Tempest Kaine

    What the everlovin buck did I just see? Seriously? Ugh…for a year now I’ve been trying to get the fandom branch on Facebook to see that the degradation of the fandom would lead to this. I was told that ‘these things happen’ and to ‘love and tolerate their choices’ and I tried. But THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I FEARED! So much for the pure, happy escape from the real world and such. We had to go and destroy the last vestige of what was once something that inspired brought joy. But not like this. :

    • Chance Clayton

      The bitch needs to realize this show was made for little kids. The bronies have adopted the show as a part of them. Ya we have cloppers, and I can put up with that. But, when you take shit to this extreme you are just asking to get the shit kicked outta you……with a golf club. I would be willing to take a golf club and teach that woman love and tolerate. What are parents gonna think when they hear of this, and the bitch says its just like the show. Are parents going to be pissed and make hasbro take it down? Probably try but fail but this cunt doesnt understand anything about this. There is nothing nostalgic about this from the 80’s. The way I see it, its possible for the bronies and Hasbro to sue the fuck outta this whore because this gay ass movie is using the My Little Pony name. I have nothing more to say.

      • Sweetie Belle

        Can you read? It’s not using the MLP name, it’s called “Tasha’s Pony Tales” Many shows and movies have adult parodies and films made of them, no one usually cries too much. It’s things like this that draw attention to them that are actually most harmful. I’m not saying this is right or OK, but it’s bound to happen and it’s best to ignore it.

        • Chance Clayton

          Okay, ya I can see that but its still just wrong in so many ways even for adults. Though this has been goin around on brony pages and people are disgusted. Lol well I guess we gotta have sick individuals in life to balence out the normal ones.

  51. Kyle Gonzales

    is it ok that I smashed my mouse against my desk and it shattered into a million pieces

  52. DJ PON-3

    I don’t really get why a lot of people/Bronies hated Equestria girls…. I loved it But hey, everyone has different opinions and I respect that! 🙂

  53. Katie Jones

    I’m a teacher and this is putting the blame on the bullied not the bullies themselves. I know they were trying to resolve the issue an easy way quickly and schools usually have ridiculous ludicrous and long steps they take with these things. (The movie Bully shows this first hand if anyone wants to see what I am talking about. )

  54. TheMightyDekuWarrior

    This makes me sick, kid needs to stand up for himself. Just as much of this happens to kids in South Carolina.

  55. Jason Muncy

    Little man needs to stand up for himself, grow a pair and fight back! I didn’t see anything mentioned on how his father felt about the issue. Not that it would solve everything… but… I do think he needs some positive male influence. I to live in NC and I’m a US Army RANGER (Scroll and Tab) with my lovely GF and her two daughters. I was introduced to MLP and now I wear my Rainbow Dash cutie mark loud and proud. I got your back little man. Stay strong!

    I wasn’t able to find his support page… can someone post it… thanks.

  56. BrokenStar54

    Kid has a reason to stand out, nopony stays the same. In fact I support you all the way, I take a rainbow dash hoodie to high school and I don’t care if I look awkward, I am proud to be a brony and nopony can tell me otherwise!

    • TheMightyDekuWarrior

      I had a couple of little kids trash talk me today and they…they got chewed out. Let me just say that they had no more words to say after I got verbally finished with them.

  57. TheMightyDekuWarrior

    Nice article! I remember back in the day when Twilight used to be really derpy at times.

  58. Ohmeko Ocampo

    The moment the lore showed up with zelda like caricatures and it panned out to a anime-ish like pony I was like this is going to be a wild ride. XD

  59. Ohmeko Ocampo

    None of us really knew just what would happen when that book opened.

  60. TheMightyDekuWarrior

    I’d like to have that thing hanging over my bed watching me in the morning.

  61. TheMightyDekuWarrior

    I don’t think many other episodes of MLP got me more mad than this one. Screw Gilda…

  62. Ohmeko Ocampo

    Oh, rewatching it are we! Where can I put my input 😀

  63. James

    everyone is hating on me just because i love mlp i just tell them, DEAL WITH IT!

  64. Sword Smith

    Did not know about this site. THANK YOU TO WHO EVER MADE IT!!!! lOTS OF LOVE

  65. Kelly Case

    Not a happy costumer… i paid for a shirt on this site with my debit card a week ago today, I even paid for the Expedited Flat Rate shipping.. which according to the descriptions says it will be delivered within 24 hours… well 7 days later STILL NO SHIRT, no way to TRACK IT…Would not recommend this site to anyone.. go to amazon.. at least you can track your order.

  66. Chuck Kopsho

    This Brony phenomenon has really taken off. I found an article from some news site that had a a story on the whole thing to do with Bronyism. This website is a big repository of cool items to buy. Keep it up. I’m fervently waiting for an event here in San Diego to be scheduled.

  67. Ohmeko Ocampo

    Heck yeah, this is a splendid idea dudes! 😀

  68. Christian Smith

    I got a say the bat or the weird al one with cheese sandwich.

  69. Ohmeko Ocampo

    Where can a brony like me get this? I’ve only had experience with Generation 4, I’d like to see the root of Pony!

  70. Ohmeko Ocampo

    So awesome! 😀 /) Brohoof Lena Hall. Welcome, to the herd!

  71. Rainbow guy28

    Being a brony is something we choose to be and being one myself we should be proud to be one. This fandom keeps the friend ship we bronies share and that is something that we share that’s something we should
    all be proud of. SO JOIN THE HERD!!!! BRO HOOF TO ALL BRONIES OUT THERE!!!! /) /) /) /) /) /)

  72. SmokeWeed&ReadTheSatanicBible

    Thank you!!! I got chosen as Pinkiepie

  73. SmokeWeed&ReadTheSatanicBible

    Hell yeah!
    I be smokin weed and bein in the army!

  74. lightning flare

    I love mlp soooooo much I cant tell you how glad I am to be a brony!!!!!!!!
    I found these pics on deviantart and uploaded them. hope you like!!!!!

    • Rainbow guy28

      Hey lighting flare cool pictures look at some I found! I know there not good quality but there if u see 4 urself at the place were I found them

  75. James Lawson

    finally a website for bronies no haters
    bronies unite!

  76. Zack

    love the derpy free hugs she is right she is going to be rich with a whole lucky pot of love

  77. DevilDogMarine2001

    These bullies are nothing other than savage animals… They need disapline and need to learn to grow the heck up. I tell yall, this world makes me sick… I wish it was more like Equestria.

  78. DevilDogMarine2001

    Oh god…. another EQG….. Whelp, as long as others like it, im fine with it.

  79. Madde

    He made one video mocking of My Little Pony… Is that what you call a “brony”?

  80. Maxxmm

    The bullies have obviously not been introduced to the elements of harmony. That’s all they need!

  81. Jewels

    Unless they start interviewing female fans I’m not going to care.

  82. theshakeupsband

    This is a welcome possibility and I hope you’re right…However, season 3 of MLP preceded the first Equestria Girls film and was only a half-season (13 episodes).

  83. Rainbow guy28

    I love being who I am. I just love everything about this site it’s a santuary for the bronies

  84. Rainbow guy28

    I want to know that I’m not the only one to ask this. Is anyone else hoping 4 a season 5 beacause only thing I do now is go by the beach and walk from dawn to dusk

  85. Rainbow guy28

    If you look closely at the quiz if u gt rainbow dash her cloud on her cutie mark is black

  86. Rainbow guy28

    We are the one who play minecraft don’t tell us how tell us how to play a game. MINECRAFTERS!!!!!!! /) /) /)

  87. Christopher Parra

    i ordered that anti bullying brony pin and never got a tracking number so idk if it even sent :/ Its been 9 days!! D:

  88. Brony#1

    Before you click the quiz you can see rainbow dash doesn’t have those outlines on her cutie mark

  89. Ohmeko Ocampo

    I collect MLP merchandise so that I can get exponentially closer to feeling like a pony. 😛

  90. Rainbow guy28

    I found these two cool videos called beyond her tomb and 20 percent cooler remix. By the way brohoof. /)

  91. JaegerPony

    Your password retrieval thingamajig isn’t working. I click it and it takes me to a page that says [woocommence_lost_password] and that’s it. Might want to fix that.

    • tvmoviestuff

      Thanks for the info! We’ve been updating the website software so there are still a few bugs out there.

  92. Twinkle AJ


  93. Rainbow guy28

    Playing cod ghost and some jerk anti brony was calling us brony’s fA$!ot’s!!!

  94. Rainbow guy28

    Hey remember that jerk anti brony I showed him mlp and he said he’s sorry for what he said. He told me it’s great to be a brony

  95. Rainbow guy28

    Hey I’m listening to some. Awesome beats the song is called 20% percent cooler remix. /) /) /)

  96. Stacey Solomon Pratt

    Really need to buy a My Little Pony Brony Unisex Black Rubber Wristband Bracelet any clue where I can find one? I would be super mom if this could happen. Thanks

  97. Stacey Solomon Pratt

    Thanks for checking. It’s for my son and he’s doesn’t like all the stuff on the other one. I’ll keep looking. Any chance another batch will be made?

  98. Connor Colwell

    i still haven’t recieved my tracking number 🙁 i ordered last wensday, its now almost thursday of the next week

  99. Blue Dreamer

    If Hasbro had the balls to release it worldwide, maybe I enjoyed it on cinema instead on YouTube

  100. SomeGuy

    I actually did go see it in theater with a whole theater full of people. Thing is, I got lucky carpooling with three other guys who happened to be at a party I was attending. The theater was an hour-and-a-half away and had only one showing for the entire day. Watching it on Youtube is the only way some people will get to see it, and I guarantee a ton of them (and I!) will be buying the DVD when it comes out. This assertion that Hasbro is somehow losing money because someone posted a crappy camrip is silly. Studies show that people are more likely to buy a product when they can preview it first, and that people who don’t were not going to buy it either way. The fact is that a Theater is still the best way to view the movie in a quality way, and most fans prefer that, but it is far too difficult to view it for most people right now, having to drive so far and pay so much in gas and time, as well as the movie simply not airing in other countries. Of course it will be viewed on youtube!

  101. Biker Dash

    I would have gone to see it in the theaters, if they had a theater showing it that was closer than 300+ miles away! And what of all those overseas who do NOT have a theater within a thousand miles of them showing this movie? So, all of us are to have to sit here, drowning in a tsunami of spoilers for the movie, just because we do not live in NYC or Los Angeles.

    If Hasbro does not want the bloody movie posted all over the internet, then maybe they should have made at least a MINIMAL effort to make the video more accessible to us.

    How many months will they expect us to sit here, suffering through thirty plus spoilers every freakin hour, on virtually EVERY social media site, or site related to MLP, before the DVD is finally released? And this is after you had advertized the living hell out of the movie, as well as releasing a ton of trailers for it. And you wonder why it gets pirated and released all over youtube.

    While I am all for supporting those who bring us the show and such, if you are gonna make it IMPOSSIBLE for 97% of the fandom to view it, then there WILL be those who WILL bring it to the remaining fans.

    • PoopFart

      It will be released in exactly one month. No need to rage.

  102. Ohmeko Ocampo

    I watched in theaters with other bronies. It was an excellent sequal that surpassed the first. It has more of the MLP:FIM vibe this time around. However, the love part of Twilight Sparkle with Flash Sentry is still a little strange to me considering she is a pony, but ehh it’s a cartoon. It’s quite unfortunate that it was leaked on youtube, though. 🙁 They (the pony team of there in Hasbro) put a lot of effort in to the movie and I say they deserved to be credited for their accomplishment. Maybe if Hasbro had offered the movie in other ways maybe piracy could have been avoided.

  103. PoopFart

    The original EQG also got camripped within the first day, but instad of youtube, it went to the pirate bay.
    Did it ever occur to you that the original EQG got all the attention because of the drama surrounding it? It was the first of it’s kind, and the humanized ponies caused a fair bit of interest/uproar.
    The second one has nothing new, except for a story. No need to really review except for the fact that it was better.
    Also, if you can watch it over on youtube, that should bring in even more press, because it can more easily be watched without having to go all the way to the cinema.
    Do I need to remind you how FIM got popular in the first place? Hint: it was youtube.

  104. Bronyboy30

    when can you buy it and is it coming to sale in norway too?

  105. Emily Hauck

    I think so. I read a tip somewhere that if you have princess celestia, tap her ten times and then tap derpy and she will become an alicorn, become a real pony, although still giving you bits, gems, and wheels. Hope this answers your question.

  106. Emily Hauck

    And on my game, the box has become invisible. I don’t know why.

  107. Bennett Bianca

    if a parcel takes LONger than the 15 days to get to me, and it needs tobe returned and or exchanged, would i still qualify for an exchange?

  108. Jessica

    I did not receive my items in which I ordered them 1 month ago (October 4) and its November 9th. I sent 3 different emails and I called the number provided on pay-pal receipt. I also sent in a request under contact us… not communication from anyone. These items were for my daughters birthday and her birthday is in 10 days. I never received not shipping information regards to my items. If I do not hear a response within 24 hours I will have to file a dispute on paypal, express my concern on social media. I hope that you resolve this issue in a timely manner.


  109. Jessica

    I did not receive my items in which I ordered them 1 month ago (October 4) and its November 9th. I sent 3 different emails and I called the number provided on pay-pal receipt. I also sent in a request under contact us… no communication from anyone. These items were for my daughters birthday and her birthday is in 10 days. I never received no shipping information regards to my items. If I do not hear a response within 24 hours I will have to file a dispute on paypal, express my concern on social media. I hope that you resolve this issue in a timely manner.

    Who else has had trouble with getting items you paid for?

  110. Jessica

    I did not receive my items in which I ordered them 1 month ago (October 4) and its November 9th. I sent 3 different emails and I called the number provided on pay-pal receipt. I also sent in a request under contact us… no communication from anyone. These items were for my daughters birthday and her birthday is in 10 days. I never received no shipping information regards to my items. If I do not hear a response within 24 hours I will have to file a dispute on paypal, express my concern on social media. I hope that you resolve this issue in a timely manner and ship my paid items.


  111. Jessica

    I did not receive my items in which I ordered them 1 month ago (October 4) and its November 9th. I sent 3 different emails and I called the number provided on pay-pal receipt. I also sent in a request under contact us… no communication from anyone. These items were for my daughters birthday and her birthday is in 10 days. I never received no shipping information regards to my items. If I do not hear a response within 24 hours I will have to file a dispute on paypal, express my concern on social media. I hope that you resolve this issue in a timely manner.

    Who else has had trouble with getting items you paid for?

  112. newfrickinshow

    When he pulls out the giant Pinkie my reaction to quote Rarity, “MINE!”

  113. NSH

    I have no response from or anyone who are in charge of the order & transaction for my order.I need the stuffs for my girl’s birthday too! Emails were sent to and, so was Contact us in, but to no avail. Anyone can help, furnishing useful info to track our order? Your response is greatly appreciated!

  114. NSH

    I have no response from or anyone who are in charge of the order & transaction for my order.I need the stuffs for my girl’s birthday too! Emails were sent to and, so was Contact us in, but to no avail. Anyone can help, furnishing useful info to track our order? Your response is greatly appreciated!

  115. Roygbiv

    Hello. So, I have a ten year old Brony who gets frustrated that everything he sees is in pink, yellow, etc. I was hoping this site would prove different but most of the kids shirts fall in the pastel palet. If it’s a site for Bronies wouldn’t you expect more gender friendly colors/ designs? Thanks.

  116. newfrickinshow

    I’ve never been so excited, have you ever been this excited? I haven’t been this excited since the time I went, “huuuuuuuh,” but really, who can top that?

  117. brenda forbes

    What is going on with you guys??? I had to file a complaint with paypal, and I am starting to believe I have been ripped off!!! Has anyone who left comments here about orders not received heard anything more then a auto-message from this site???

  118. Mlp Angel Flight

    Wait, SPRING! Well, I’ll just have to collect more pony merch until then.

  119. HD

    i placed an order on October 13th. it’s now December 5th and there’s no sign of it. I tried emailing to find out about it, and got an automated response saying someone would contact me. No one has. Please can you tell me where my order is, or refund me?

  120. Mollie Marie

    The lack of morals it takes for people to say such horrible things online is astounding. They feel empowered by the fact that there is a very limited amount of supervision and discipline on the internet. I don’t understand people’s desire to be rotten towards other people in such a way. There is no way around it. Sometimes freedom of speech gets taken advantage of. I don’t know how to stop bullying and cyber bullying but I’m damn sure that I don’t do either. Love you Adam

  121. Samuel Poseno

    Not all fans of the show follow the fandom. While I myself don’t really consider myself a part of the fandom, because I am kinda cynical and negative. I don’t bother anyone, but I don’t tolerate botheration either. While it seems I follow the Love and Tolerate doctrine, my philosophy is more To Each Their Own… I am not going to bully anyone for loving ponies, for not loving ponies, for being gay, or whatever. However, I won’t put up with bullying either. If anyone wants to TRY to bully me over what I like to watch, they’re welcome to it. Online, I can ignore. In person, I will hurt someone. Because I come from the oldskool of bullying. You get bullied and you either submit, where you are bullied for the rest of your life, or you beat the ever-loving shit out of the bully, and he will respect you one way or another. Even if you lose, he knows you will stand up for yourself, and usually back down.

    • Samuel Poseno

      By the way, I am not saying that he deserved it because he didn’t stand up for himself… Not at all. And I am not condoning bullying. But I did leave one thing out. If you know someone who is being bullied, and they cannot or will not stand up for themselves, for whatever reason, you should intervene. Do whatever it takes. Whether it is working with your school’s anti-bullying program, or you get in the bully’s face yourself. Even if the bullied person is not a brony… stand up for your fellow man!

  122. Shane

    Sickening and sad. What has become of our fandom? Why would anyone cyber bully over a fanfic? I mean why didnt they just say “hey this was ok but it seemed like you used someones iddea” or something like that. But to tear him apart like this was just wrong.

  123. Mares Fillies

    Truly, I mean come on we shouldn’t be so mean because of someone’s fiction or OC characters. Some of us and people who hate us should really calm down and think before spreading hatred. I mean seriously it’s all just for fun leave people alone over something so silly and trivial. Don’t spread unnecessary hate. People in general have to learn that you have to be respectful as you are outside the internet.

  124. Dillon Phillips

    Wow. Pre-Gen 4? Did NOT see that coming. Beyond that, seems legit.

  125. tiffany

    this was actually very helpful. I used the ages for the youth section and then I found my age on the junior!

  126. Rainbow guy28

    My puppy I got just 3 days ago might not be around tommorow he is not feeling well he was in a playful mood this morning but in the evening he just wasn’t himself he smells like vomit he is always tired I’m worried.

  127. Mlp Angel Flight

    Seriously though, I need hugs! Every-pony stop whatever your doing and give me a hug!

  128. Mlp Angel Flight

    Seriously though, I need hugs! Every pony stop whatever your doing and GIVE ME A HUG!

    • Alison

      When you measure your chest, you halve the “all the way around” measurement, or you just measure from armpit to armpit. That in inches should tell you what size you should order.

  129. Gaz Phil

    WoW pic of my back piece lead me here lol, now i don’t mind you using
    my tattoo to get people attention for this cause, but please give them a sorce link
    to the image namely the video from youtube after all it is a video about getting your first tattoo
    and what you need to consider before doing so.

    also how the image is cropped people might think i don’t have any other tats as well and i love them all the same 😛
    yes in the video some naughty lady pic’s and you need to be 18 to watch it but if your going for a tattoo chances are your 18 already.

    hope your able to raise a good amount for this cause, like i said before i don’t mind the use of my ink to get people linked here.
    but please credit due where credit is due my work is done by a diffrent tattoo studio afterall.
    won’t name here, if people really want to know they can find out by watching the video.

    also from the UK age 34 😛 so yes most young’uns would say i’m a reall old so and so. lol

    Gaz Phil aka Fishieable

    also to prove what a good sport i can be I’ll put a link to this page in the video description
    to maybe help out as much as i’m able to from this side of the pond.

  130. Boniermonster Boss

    I love this site but I don’t like how when I bought something I played around $10 for expedited flat rate shipping that said 24 hour shipping in parenthesis but now I look hear and I see it’s actually 2-4 business days but otherwise I live the site and whoever made it.

  131. Rainbow guy28

    Why would people change Lauren Faustus amazing work and change it to rule 34 I mean c’mon why. The work of her is now ruined beacause we had to make something bad out of it. This message is meant for clopper’s and R34 artists

  132. Mylene Pistotnik

    hi I am new to this brony stuff, i am wondering if anyone can help me. I am looking for brony merchandise to purchase for my son. Can anyone tell me if there is a website for Australia or even if australia sell any of the brony merchandise. Please help.
    Thanks Mylene

  133. Flutter Shy

    Welcome all of my fellow bronies!!!!!!!For you have found your home away from home

  134. Mares Fillies

    I’ve downloaded the soundboard in windows 8.1. Is this a different soundboard? 😀

  135. Chris Robertson

    Why are the bronies in at his world you just don’t fit in what’s the point of small colourful ponies that are so freakin annoying.

  136. applejack huband

    I hope it dose but when they said the second movie was come out I was such on it as the first wasn’t great it a ok movie I was capeable of watch it again but when I watched rainbow rock I need to watch again the next night as it was a lot better so I do belive that this will be as good

  137. EquestriaGuy

    Getting pretty sick of this Fox “News” caliber, yellow journalistic, ignorant, bashing of Equestria Girls, by people with agendas and preconceived narratives, who most likely haven’t seen the movies and never will. It is a tragedy when an MLP fan chooses to abandon all facts and opportunities for the same open-mindedness that lead them to discover FiM. EQG is every bit as funny, charming, woman empowering, and goodhearted as FiM.

    • Samuel Poseno

      I didn’t read the entire part about EQGirls. But I think that she was talking about Faust leaving before EQG came out, and the way it sounded, Faust simply did not like the way it was presented. Now both you and I know that EQG was awesome with just as much charm and monsters as FiM, set in an alternate world. I think also the reason Faust left was because of how usually shows won’t happen without a toy lineup. Anyway, that was my take on it.

  138. Mares Fillies

    It’s both. Both for exploitation of bronies and MLP fandom and cool since I could see what to add to my collection. 😛

  139. Marcie Rauda is a joke. I ordered $60 in merchandise for my son 4 weeks ago and have heard nothing from them. I filed a dispute with PayPal after emailing them directly 3 times with absolutely no response and even PayPal hasn’t been able to contact them. They stole my money and made my son cry on more than one occasion, including on his own birthday. DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM THEM. YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE YOUR MERCHANDISE OR EVEN AN OUNCE OF CUSTOMER SERVICE FROM THEM. THIS IS A FRAUDULENT WEBSITE.

  140. Marcie Rauda

    They have stolen my money. I placed an order on 1/17/15. To date I still have not received my order or a response to my 3 separate emails or PayPal dispute. I have just filed a complaint with the BBB and will continue to pursue every avenue I can in order to show that is a fraudulent company that steals money, falsely advertises shipping times and fails to provide even an ounce of customer service. I highly recommend that everyone buy their brony themed items on any other site than unless you like having disappointed children crying on their birthday….or the wonderful feeling a single mother gets when she has spent all her money on gifts for her son that never came. There’s nothing quite like seeing a child with nothing to open on his birthday….so if you’re into that kind of thing, this website will definitely provide it for you.

    • Connor Colwell

      i actually got my rainbow dash hoodie from this website. Dont make orders online from websites for 2-3 months after christmas/newyears because they recieve so many orders around that time its impossible to get them all out on time.

  141. Mares Fillies

    Super Excited!! 😀 Been waiting forever for this, just what this college guy needs. 😀

  142. Rainbow guy28

    Which OC should I choose? The first one is light speed and the other is Snow Storm his hair glows.

  143. پانیذ

    Hello! I love this animation so much! I’m sorry! I am Persian Is am not good for the country! Excuse me! season enemy five pony is a aria؟ because Iranian sites were rumors that the character aria pony bad Is it?

  144. Michael Angelo Manasan

    lol, i use to watch the old school ponies in the early 90’s.. everyone thought i was odd. but anywas i am glad that we are past the color scheme syndrome. what pink is for a girl and what is blue is for a boy. this site is awesome and i have this awesome feeling that so many more seasons to come after the 5th season is released!! love this genration much better than what i grew up with lol

  145. Mares Fillies

    Very intriguing, nice to know a movie solely on the ponies. Super Hyped. 😀

  146. Mr.Neil Thompson

    Really….really…with the Mcdonalds hate? Hipster! This Brony proudly works for the big Mac Dons. And yes these toys are AWESOME!

  147. heavyhitterbrony

    I had an order on here also but I figure it out of the place you’re actually ordering from is called ugly Christmas sweater located in Michiganat 3160 Ridgeway Court Walled Lake Michiganif you want to call them so that you can figure out what happened to your order call 248 785 3614hope this helps from one brony to another

  148. Hero Gamer

    now if only season 5 would come…. good thing Ive got Sonic Boom and soon Transformers: Robots in Disguise to keep me distracted

  149. fedorable

    Nice photo, JAN!~ Cant wait to see the kids again,really missing them.

  150. Mares Fillies

    Nerds will always want as close to show accuracy as humanly possible. That I know, I am one. XD

  151. Kristopher Fox

    What? no! Twilight dang guess I’m too responsible for my own good

  152. michael8.1

    fuuuuuuuuuuuuuu haha i started to cry and i didnt wanted to watche the season 5 but u tricked meeeee haha nice one


    • Kylie

      Good one you really had me there for a second it but I can’t imagine how many people were you mad I was when I first seen it … well played

  153. Inferniken

    Hang on, let’s roll with this. If a pony from the show did die (celestia forbid), wich one would it be and why?

  154. 2EXTREME2008

    Everyone’s so hyped over April 4th, we forgot about the real holiday on April 1st!

  155. dracozaroff

    I’m so thankful for Google play. New episodes show up about two days after they air but it’s better than nothing.

  156. brad

    i will rape you all i promise you one day youre all gonna just wake up with deez nutz in yo face

  157. Mares Fillies

    Yayponies also is good place, but make sure to support the show. 😀

  158. broniefluttershy

    What the Heck i want it but 1000 dollers is expensive

  159. wcclark

    This dude just can’t stop, can he?

    He really is no ordinary balloon man.

  160. Tyler Ramos

    Honestly, I think that the negative image given to most bronies by the “cloppers” has had somewhat of a negative impact on the fandom as a whole. but, bronies as a whole are no different from any other fandom. anime lovers have the erotic side of their fandom, as does furries, and even the fandom behind steven universe, big hero 6, frozen, and adventure time all have their own versions of cloppers. i believe that no matter what the fandom is, there will always be negative impacts stemming from the not so clean-minded fans. the difference lies within what the fans as a whole believe. MLP fans have had a simple mantra for as long as the fandom has been around (nearly) every brony ive talked to, has at one time at least heard it. “love and tolerate.” now, im not saying all bronied are pure-minded. the point im trying to get across here, is every fandom either has, or has the potential to evolve a less….family-minded side of the fandom. and yes, even underage explicit material can be found in almoast evey fandom as well.

  161. Eric Day

    I don’t think it’s necessarily cloppers, bronies in general. People will pick on anyone for any reason to try to feel better about their own shortcomings. Those who deviate from what is considered the social norm, those who conform for fear of being ridiculed, those who hide away from society in order to escape. Humans in general are obsessed with division, we constantly find ways to separate ourselves, by race, sex, sexuality, the shows we watch, the books we read, government, morality, etc. We should be seeking ways to unite ourselves, not the other way around. That’s why I was initially drawn to mlp and the Brony fandom, I sensed a feeling of unity. But even here we divide; artists, reviewers, animators, voice actors, writers, and so on. Rarely do you see a variety of people come together for a group project. And it’s impressive when it does occur, so why not collaborate more? Why not work together, create something beautiful, something to be remembered, make our fandom a symbol, one that represents unity, beauty, creativity, and happiness. Leave a lasting, good impression. Make our fandom an emblem, one to strive for, something people wish to become. I know this is long, and at this point I’m kind of rambling, but for those of you who made it this far, thank you for reading. 5 seasons and over a hundred episodes, we’ve come a long way, and hopefully still have a ways to go, but in whatever amount of time our fandom lasts, let’s make the legacy last longer, let’s turn it into something beautiful. So if you’ve made it this far, tell me in a sentence, what can YOU do to make our fandom great?

  162. Guillaume Pizzin

    no, I don’t think so because everyone has their fantaisy, some people think that some are worse than others, but they are not right, we all can have our weird side of ourselves, but we must never go too far with it.

  163. Samuel Poseno

    That’s the UK Buildabear site. According to the US one, they still have them.

  164. GHOST

    I do not usually read, but this book seems to be great! I do not know if I’ll find to buy because I live in another country . But it is amazing !

  165. Mares Fillies

    I’ve read all three books and they do a good job giving more insight into the character of Daring Do. She truly is a Lara Croft of the pony world. 😀


    he knows way to much of the show for someone not able to absorb a new realm XD

  167. Michael Lapierre

    omg ! this is going to be great 😀 i alway wanted a lootcrate kind of thing but for brony 😀 <3

  168. Jennifer

    If you read their pricing it’s 1-5 users at the $19.95 rate, but for impressions (to use it on products) it’s $99 for 1,000 impressions. Can you imagine everything that the font has appeared on that Hasbro has sold? They essentially get a dime for every MLP product Hasbro manufactures at that rate. Of course if it were paid for, Hasbro would have negotiated a more reasonable rate. The dime compared to the $150,000 per infraction (plus destruction of products) is of course ludicrous and just because you sue for something doesn’t mean you will get it. IANAL but I suspect Hasbro will settle.