My Little Pony: Equestria Girls – Legend of Everfree Set To Release

My Little Pony Equestria Girls - Legend of EverfreeShout! Factory is taking pre-orders now for the upcoming DVD and Blu release of My Little Pony: Equestria Girls – Legend of Everfree HERE.

Set to release on November 1st, 2016 by ordering early from Shout! Factory you’ll get a Free 18″ x 24″ Equestria Girls poster which features the DVD and Blu cover art.

In case you’ve already forgotten, the synopsis for the new Equestria Girls movie is as follows:

“When Canterlot High School goes on a field trip to Camp Everfree, they’re surprised to find a magical force is causing strange things to happen. Twilight Sparkle , with the help of the Mane 6 and especially Sunset Shimmer (who refuses to give up on her), must confront the dark “Midnight Sparkle” within herself and embrace her newfound magical abilities to save the beloved camp from closing down for good!”

Bonus Features on the DVD and Blu will include the following:

        Audio Commentary
        Animated Shorts

Did you miss this past weekend’s episode of MLP:FIM? Don’t worry, it’s already on Netflix



It’s always hard to watch your favorite television show in the Summer.  We’re all so busy with work or we’re just out having fun at the beach.   Even in this day and age, with technology booming all around us, our favorite shows almost play a back-seat role to life experience.

This makes this news great.   The return of Season 6 of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, which aired this past weekend, is already up on Netflix to stream.    “Stranger Than Fanfiction” which featured the voice of actor and comic Patton Oswalt is currently available on the streaming service, and in 1080p, no less.

If you missed the episode, so sorry!  If you recorded it on DVR with a plan to watch it later, great.  But if you’re one of those ponies who missed it, now you’ve got a chance to catch up — well, as long as you have a Netflix account.

And Snap Chat Just Got a My Little Pony Enhancement

Snapchat My Little Pony filter 2Snapchat, every ponies favorite, mobile messaging app to share all of your photos and videos has just implemented a My Little Pony filter.   Yes, now you and every pony you know can give whatever image you see in front of you a MLP frame.    It’s really that simple.

For those of us who have to have all things pony surrounding us in our world, the My Little Pony Snapchat enhancement will make your day a bit brighter than it would be if you didn’t have it, right?

So, go ahead, frame yourself.  Join the ponies on Snapchat.

Don’t Forget! Tomorrow is MLP:FIM International Friendship Day


Friends, fans, and bronies tomorrow is International Friendship Day.  Hasbro has marked July 30th as a day that we should be helping out friends.   It’s a day to celebrate the importance of friendship–just like the characters do on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

If you want to take part in Friendship Day, all you have to do is do something nice for your friends.    For every person who takes part in the International Friendship Day celebration, Hasbro will donate $1 dollar for every good deed that goes reported.

How do you report the good dead?

All you have to do is go on social media and tell them about it but using the hashtag #FriendshipIsMagic and #FriendItForward.    Hasbro will dolar $1 dollar for every hashtag used up to $50,000 dollars to the great organization GenerationOn.

GenerationOn is a New York-based organization who’s mission is: “To inspire, equip, and mobilize youth to take action that changes the world and themselves through service.”

For tips, ideas, and ways to promote your good dead please visit the My Little Pony site today with your friends!      Please visit HERE.

You know what to do on July 30th.  Let’s make sure that it gets done.

Voice Actor Brian Doe Joins Cast of My Little Pony: Legends of Everfree

Brian Doe My Little Pony Legends of Everfree

You may not know his name, but Brian Doe is a name that you should be paying attention to now.   Doe, announced a day or so ago, that he has just been cast in My Little Pony: Equestria Girls: Legends of Everfree, which is currently in production.

Doe is a newcomer, but he has experience voicing roles for television, movies, and video games.    He recently appeared on Fox’s Wayward Pines (2016) series and had voiced characters in Barbie: The Pearl Princess (2015)

Directed by Ishi Rudell and Katrina Hadley, My Little Pony: Equestria Girls: Legends of Everfree is slated to hit theaters on October 1st, 2016.

Here’s the animated films synopsis:

“When Camp Everfree is in danger of closing down, the My Little Pony Equestria Girls use their newfound super abilities and throw a Crystal Gala fundraiser to show their support and help save camp!”

IDW’s My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #44 Released

My Little Pony IDW #44 Comic Book Fleecs

IDW has released My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #44.   The book, available online through digital download but also in physical print at your local comic shop, is a continuation of the “Ponies of Dark Water” story.  

In Part 2, our favorite ponies have gone bad and are loving every minute of it!  When Twilight Sparkle seeks to conquer Equestria for herself, the Cutie Mark Crusaders may be the only hope for salvation.

(Guess, that this get any darker, or what!??!)

As usual, #44 is available in several different variations.   The regular cover for #44 was drawn by Tony Fleecs, the subscription cover by Sara Richard.

Additional covers for exclusives for the 2106 San Diego Comic Con as well as the Fried Pie Comics edition was done by Sara Richard and Agnes Garbowska.

Story By:  Thom Zahler

You can get the book here online.

Sia Signs On For Next My Little Pony Movie

sia my little pony movie 2017

Just went you thought the next My Little Pony movie couldn’t get any better!

It was announced at this past weekend’s San Diego Comic Con by Hasbro that singer Sia has signed on to contribute two original songs for the soundtrack for the 2017 film.   

As the movie is already set to be a event with a star-studded cast that includes: Liev Schreiber, Taye Diggs, Emily Blunt, Kristen Chenoweth, and Uzo Aduba–My Little Pony: The Movie will most liklely be rolled out to all markets around the world.  Which is nice considering how the last couple Pony movies have seen tiny releases theatrically.

My Little Pony: The Movie will be directed by Jayson Thiessen and it is written by Meghan McCarthy–both of which, as everyone knows, are more or less the backbone of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

While much hasn’t been released yet in regards to the story-line for the upcoming Pony movie, what we do know is that the Mane 6 will be embarking on an adventure to meet new friends but also endure challenges through their quest to save their home.

Apparently, Equestria will be in trouble.

The movie is slated for release on October, 7th, 2017.   


July 30th Marks MLP Friendship Day

July 30th My Little Pony Friendship day token

Don’t forget that July 30th marks My Little Pony Friendship Day.

The premise is very simple.

Hasbro has taking the initiative in 2016 to promote friendship, and later this month they’re doing something big to promote this commitment.

For every person who wants to take part in MLP Friendship Day all you need to do is the following:   Do a good deed throughout your day, and then stop over to your favorite social media outlet.    Post about your good dead of the day and use the hashtag #FriendshipisMagic and #FrienditForward.   For everyone that does this, Hasbro will donate $1 dollar for every hashtag used (up to $50,0000} on social media to GenerationOn.

GenerationOn is a New York-based organization who’s mission is: “To inspire, equip, and mobilize youth to take action that changes the world and themselves through service.”

Learn more about GenerationOn HERE.

You know what to do on July 30th.  Let’s make sure that it gets done.

My Little Pony: Friends Forever #33 Hitting Stores This October

It seems like IDW is kinda of plugging this issue of Friends Forever a bit ahead of time here.  Nonetheless, we’re pretty excited to see that #33 is coming out.     

My Little Pony: Friends Forever is a Hasbro-licensed series of full-color comics that is created by IDW Publishing.    This series replaced the micro-series some time ago that that was over.   

Priced at $3.99, Friends Forever #33 will be written and draw by Tony Fleecs.  The synopsis, although brief, states: “When a traveling rodeo comes to town, Applejack must discover the secret history of Cherry Jubilee!” 

Another Synopsis Revealed! 28 Pranks Later


My Little Zombie!?!?!

We dropped the news last week that actor, comic, and all-around royal geek Patton Oswalt would be voicing a role in an upcoming episode of the show when it returns from hiatus.   Well, today, we’ve got more good news for you!

Another synopsis for yet another episode has been unveiled.

28 Pranks Later, will see Rainbow Dash’s pranking get out of hand, as the ponies decide to give her a taste of her own medicine zom-pony style!

28 Pranks Later, no doubt, is a homage to the popular Danny Boyle-directed zombie movie 28 Days Later which hit theaters back in 2002.   And with the appearance of Zom-Pony we’re almost 100% certain about this.

28 Pranks later will be Episode 15 of this current season (Season 6) of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.  It is scheduled to air on: August 13, 2016.