Cathy Weseluck: Exclusive Interview

Cathy Weseluck My Little Pony Spike Brony.comoBRONY.COM: Cathy, firstly let us just say how wonderful it is to talk with you.  I think our first question for you…. Where did this all start for you? When do you think you first became interested in voice acting or acting in general for that matter?

CATHY WESELUCK: Well, I was working for the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) in Toronto. I had gotten a promotion and they sent me to Vancouver on a two year contract. I was working on a radio show at the time called Disc Drive. It was music based and I was an associate producer and director on the show, and it was a lot of fun. One day I was talking to the host of the show and he had told me that he thought that I had a nice voice, and he asked me if I had ever considered doing voice over work? Of course, I had no idea what he was talking about.

He explained to me what voice-over work was all about and he then proceeded to tell me about some Christmas commercials they were preparing to do, and how they needed someone to do various background character voices. I said, “Sounds great.” So I did that, and it was a lot of fun, and afterward he helped me put together a demo reel. I mean I didn’t know if this was going to be like a fun hobby or if I could actually make a living at it. But it just took off for me, and I started doing cartoons,commercials and I also did narration stuff.

BRONY.COM: Then growing up as a kid I sure you were like all of the rest of us in that you were a cartoon fan. I was wondering what cartoons may have been some of your favorites as a kid and what type of influence did they have on you?

CATHY WESELUCK: Well, my favorite was Bugs Bunny. I know that everybody says that but that was really really my favorite. It’s because the comedy was natural. It was slapstick and it was simple. I mean that type of comedy works in any medium. Bugs was cute and cuddly and that enabled him to get away with murder. He was always playing practical jokes on everybody, and I really found that funny. It’s just something that we can all relate to, and thats why I like people like Jerry Seinfeld as well. Growing up too, I was also a big comic book reader. I loved the Archie comic books, and all of these things that have natural comedy in them, and I know that we’ll get around to this soon….It’s what I like so much about My Little Pony as well. There are natural ideas there and that’s why the writing on the show is so good.

BRONY.COM: Why do you think that the show and us Bronies have become such a cultural phenomenon?

Cathy Weseluck Interview brony.comCATHY WESELUCK: I think because the show is answering a call that humans in general have in day-to-day living  that seems to be scarce in today’s culture. I think the show relates to all ages, both male and female, and I think that’s great. I think that this particular show hit a particular chord and a need that is missing in society right now. There’s a lot of rules that are changing in this era. I think that there’s a disconnect between people today because of technology. I think technology is fabulous though. If I didn’t have something like Skype for example I wouldn’t be as in touch with my own family that live in Ontario.

But as far as the Bronies are concerned, again, I think the rules are changing. I think a lot of people are feeling isolated today. Men have always wondered what their roles should be in regards to machoism. Men have always been concerned with how they need to take care of their families or how they are supposed to be brave, or how their not supposed to show any emotions. The truth of that is that men just don’t think or feel that way, everybody feels that way.

So what I think is so great about My Little Pony is that the show is a combination of being real and honest, and compassionate. When you have a show that has a moral or a solution that shows that you can turn troubles around, that gets recognized by people. I think that’s the most appealing aspect of the show, and I think that the Bronies are certainly a representation of that need that we all have.

What’s lovely about the show and the Brony phenomenon is that it’s visceral. You really just can’t explain it. I can’t explain it, but what I know is that it’s bringing people together. It’s creating a community. That’s a sociological phenomenon, and that means that it has nothing to do with specific cultures. The show has created a community that’s international. It has everything to do with human needs and with the human heart, and I think that while technology has connected us in many many ways, it’s also separated us and I think people are looking for that human connection now in our culture. I think there’s a need to unite, to share our troubles and our joys, and I think people want to come together again. And the show is kind of a microcosm for those needs and patterns.

Cathy bringing to life 'Spike' in the studio?

Cathy bringing to life ‘Spike’ in the studio?

BRONY.COM: Then what are you thoughts on those that still haven’t been able to grasp it? What about those that poke fun at Bronies?

CATHY WESELUCK: Well, I think there are probably several reasons. I think it’s based on fear. I think it boils back to the basic fear of identity. Plus, there’s just a general lack of understanding. People judge things that they don’t understand, or if it’s something that their not interested in. If you take it down to a general and basic level, one person may see another person that dresses different or looks different and when they don’t understand something they put up a “fear block” and they judge it in order to understand it. I mean, this sort of thing can happen to any person or any group with any identity in society. They could be the nicest group in society, but there will always be somebody against them.  But that brings up the question..How do we respond to that? The whole thing about the Bronies is that they stand tall and true. They unite and support each other and they band together and they ignore it.

One of the most amazing things that I see about the Brony community is how they’ve banded together and promoted charity around the world, and not just within their own community to all other groups locally and globally. How can that be anything but wonderful?

BRONY.COM: So what’s your process like when you’re working on Spike. How did you find Spike’s voice?

Spike My Little pony brony.comCATHY WESELUCK: Well, I’ve done so many boy voices overs in my voice acting career that when my audition for My Little Pony came up it was something process wise that was sort of common for me to do where I said to myself,  “OK…Here’s another audition, sounds like a wonderful show, here are the specs, here’s what the character looks like, let’s get into the character, let’s get it down, be fluid with it, and present it.” When I auditioned for the show it was really just like any other show for me, although it did have a certain appeal to it that I really liked from the start. It was just unbelievably cute. I really thought Spike was cuter than pie when I first saw him, so I really had a special attachment to him right from the start.

BRONY.COM: One of the questions that I have for you that is from one of your fans is something that touches on exactly that. From Liberty Charlton…What are some of the traits that Spike has that you can relate to in your own life?

CATHY WESELUCK: Well, Spike has an innocence about him, and I like to think that I do too. But I guess we’ll let my friends and colleagues judge otherwise maybe…laughing  I see him as being innocent. Innocence is a big factor for Spike. He doesn’t have a lot of experience because he’s young. He’s a little boy and he’s playful, he’s got his moods and he sees things for how they are. When you have a little child or an infant who is playing, they giggle or they laugh when they think something is funny, or they fall asleep on a dime when their tired. Spike represents those basics, but he’s also a little smarty-pants. He’s quite smart. I think that when some of the ponies are trying to figure something out or trying to see something through, he sees through them. He calls them out, “Hey guys, what are you doing?” I think that his youthfulness and innocence is what brings some of the comic relief to the show. He’s the only little boy there too. I guess Spike’s playfulness is me. Spike is noble and he wants to help others, and I guess that’s me I would say. He also has integrity and I think that I do too.

BRONY.COM: So what’s an average day like for you on the show when you’re bringing Spike to life? What’s that process?

CATHY WESELUCK: Basically before each show, I get the script about 2-4 days in advance and my process is basically that I just sit down and read it quietly over, enjoying the story and when I come across my own lines I just circle them. I go over it and I look at the action that comes before and after a line, and I also pay attention to what happens in the body of the scene. Those are really the only things that I may mark down on my script just because I really don’t like to prepare too much because I like to stay in the flow of the character.   099111

One of the joy’s in working on the show, is that I never know what’s coming next. Each week we get a new script, so I never know what new adventures are coming. Part of the fun is loosely preparing for it and then listening to what the other actors are doing and how they perform and react to that.  My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic is a pre-lay format which gives us the license to hear what the other actors are saying and we get to respond to that. Now the trick for me is that I can only prepare so much too because I don’t have Tara Strong next to me. Tara is recording her parts in Los Angeles. So one of the other actors in the studio will read Twilight for me, even though it’s not actually acted like how Tara would act, but I have to respond to those lines. So in some ways I have to put a little more attention on how what I imagine she would respond like, and that’s also done with the help of the director. It’s like a muscle, the more you do it, the easier it becomes and the faster it becomes, you just get used to doing it. And the more episodes you do, the less pressure there is, and you don’t have the need to prepare as much. The character just sort of starts to live inside of you.

BRONY.COM: Do you ever take Spike home with you after you’ve been him for the show?

Cathy Weseluck interview photo brony.comCATHY WESELUCK: Yes we keep him in a closet…laughing  We’ve got him set up there with a television and a computer…laughing   Not really, unless I’m fooling around with some friends. He does go with me to conventions and he’ll come out quite a bit there though.

BRONY.COM: Another fan question: Will Rarity ever get the “hint” in regards to how Spike feels about her?

CATHY WESELUCK: Oh Rarity…..Boy, that’s a good question…[In Spike’s Voice:] I don’t know but I’ll tell you something…I really hope so, cause I’m getting tired…laughing   I hope so. Spike’s just a little guy and he’s gonna have his crushes. Rarity seems to go for the smooth and macho kind of characters.

BRONY.COM: Then what about Mayor Mare, how did you find that character and voice?

CATHY WESELUCK: Oh the Mayor is basically just my own base voice. When any other actor uses their own base voice they tend to go into a mode. In other words, what I would say in my own voice, “Hello, I’m Cathy and I’m the Mayor.” It’s no different then if you were an actor on camera. When you put yourself in the role of someone playing a mayor, then you get into that character. You imagine yourself literally as being a Mayor. There’s a presentation feel to the character. So you just put yourself into the character. When I teach in my workshops, I even teach that it’s important to go to the essence of the character first.  Meaning, I let myself feel that character and ad-lib in that character how I may think they’d respond if they were in trouble, or sad or under attack or something.  I like to work with the essence first and work out in the details in the script after.

BRONY.COM: And does that same idea apply to how you approach Spike?

CATHY WESELUCK: Yeah, but with Spike…The description of him was that he was originally a baby dragon. So therefore, I approached him as an even younger dragon than he is now. I first approached him as if he was a baby, and not a little boy. That took away from him being able to be mischievous. So I started him too young, and then the directors moved him to be of a later age.

BRONY.COM: Are you or any of the other voice over artists allowed to experiment with any type of improv when you’re working on an episode of the show?

CATHY WESELUCK: No, we stay right on the script. We stay with the words that are written. The only ad-libbing that we can do is if we see a scene that’s joyful or sad or if there’s a scene with Spike where he’s in a bad mood. Then we may do things like add a giggle or a snort at the beginning of the a line, and that colors the scene and also helps the animators to make the scene more interesting visually.

BRONY.COM: Another fan question: What is your favorite episode of the series thus far that you’ve been a part of?

CATHY WESELUCK: My favorite episode? Well, I have a couple. I’ll will always love “All’s Well That Ends Well.” It’s classic slapstick and it was the first time that Spike felt ousted, frustrated and unloved, so it really gave me as an actor a great opportunity to dig in and respond to all that emotionally. So that nice. Then that one episode where Spike has to baby sit all of those other animals, that was really fun.

BRONY.COM: Something I’ve been doing with our other Pony related interviews on is that we’ve been asking participants to do some free word association in regards to some of the characters on the show. Are you game?

CATHY WESELUCK: Sure, let’s do it.

BRONY.COM: Applejack?


BRONY.COM: Rarity?

CATHY WESELUCK: Diva…laughing

BRONY.COM: Twilight Sparkle?


BRONY.COM: Rainbow Dash?

CATHY WESELUCK: Adventurous.

BRONY.COM: Finally, Fluttershy?


BRONY.COM: Another fan question: Will fans of the show ever find out Spike’s back story?

CATHY WESELUCK: That’s a good question. I would hope so, as an actor I would sure love that. That’s for sure a part of the show that we don’t know. I hope the writers move in that direction because we really don’t know much about him do we.

BRONY.COM: Can you give us any hints about what’s in store for us in the upcoming Season 4? Will you be singing again?

CATHY WESLUCK: I don’t know….I gotta go….A moose just walked in the door…laughing

BRONY.COM: Laughing…..Is that a hint!?!?

CATHY WESELUCK: Let me just say, that if that did happen I would love that.

BRONY.COM Thanks for your time Cathy.

CATHY WESELUCK: Thank you, and thanks to all of the Bronies reading this out there for your support of the show, we love doing it.

For more with Cathy Weseluck please visit her official website HERE:

Wave of wonderful new My Little Pony books coming in late 2013-2014 doodles book

Cutie Mark Crusaders Doodle Book

With the announcement last month of the June 2013 release of  The Elements Of Harmony and now with the news that New York City publisher Little, Brown and Company will be releasing several new My Little Pony books, ponies will be trotting in circles with anticipation.

First up for release in September 2014 is the new Emily Hughes written, My Little Pony: The Cutie Mark Crusaders Doodle Book.  At 128 pages and for those age six or older, this new doodle book sees Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, and Sweetie Belle as the Cutie Mark Crusaders. They’re all school-age ponies eager to discover their special talents and earn their Cutie Marks. The Crusaders Doodle Book is a fun and creative book where you can attend school with the trio, help the ponies design crusader capes, decorate their clubhouse, and try out different talents.

While the artwork above is not final at this time, the book’s ISBN is: 978-0-316-24906-5 and it’s suggested retail price at this time is $13.00 U.S. and $14.00 in Canada.

Also in September, Little, Brown and Company will release a new story volume by New York City children’s writer, Oliva London. My Little Pony: Welcome To Crystal Empire!  Crystal Empire will see Twilight Sparkle touring Crystal Empire with her brother and sister-in-law. Twilight will learn about what happened to it in the past. She will also attend the Crystal Faire, meet lots of Crystal Ponies, and get to stay in a special room in the castle with her very own library! Crystal Empire will be fully illustrated with vivid brand artwork and images from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.

Crystal Empire has a suggested retail price of $4.99 and $5.50 in Canada. Crystal Empire will be 24 pages and will include a fun post out postcard inside.

My Little Pony: Welcome To Crystal Empire ISBN: 978-0-316-22824-4

My Little Pony: Welcome To Crystal Empire      ISBN: 978-0-316-22824-4

Then following this October, MLP toy collectors will rejoice with the release of My Little Pony: Mini Pony Collectors Guide. This 196 page must have (ISBN: 978-0-316-24907-2) will also come with a limited edition never-before-available in the United States collectible mini pony.

With a suggested retail price of $19.00 in The United States and $21.00 in Canada, the collector’s guide is for fans of all ages. It will make fans of the show go head over hooves for all of the two-inch-tall mini ponies that come in either blind bags or packaged collector’s sets. Full color, actual-size photos of each mini pony highlight this book. This is a must own indeed.

My Little Pony: Mini Pony Collectors Guide

My Little Pony:                                        Mini Pony Collectors Guide

October also sees the release of My Little Pony: Holly, Jolly Harmony. Written by children’s book author D. Jackobs of New York City, Holly, Joy Harmony arrives with enough time before Christmas this year. It’s a Hearth’s Warming Eve in Ponyville, and the ponies put on a special pageant to celebrate the story of the founding of Equestria, a winter tale about how the three tribes of ponies learned to live together in harmony. This level 2 reader is based on a holiday episode of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.

Holly, Jolly Harmony

Holly, Jolly Harmony

Again, while this artwork is not yet final, the book has a suggested retail price of $4.99 in the United States and $5.50 in Canada. Holly, Jolly Harmony will also include a fun punch-out ornament. 32 pages; ISBN: 978-0-316-22816-9

Also in October, fans of the show can go where no pony has ever gone before with G.M. Berrow’s My Little Pony: Super Special ($6.99 USA $7.99 Canada – 192 pages – ISBN: 978-0-316-24762-7)

My Little Pony: Super Special ($6.99 USA $7.99 Canada - 192 pages - ISBN: 978-0-316-24762-7)

My Little Pony: Super Special ($6.99 USA $7.99 Canada – 192 pages – ISBN: 978-0-316-24762-7)

Super Special, the first in hopefully many more chapters aims to get every pony excited. In an effort to regain her stolen crown, Princess Twilight Sparkle steps through a magical mirror, and enters a completely new world where some things have changed, but true friendships remain. Are you wondering if this has anything to do with Equestria Girls like us here at

My Little Pony: Hearts And Hooves

My Little Pony: Hearts And Hooves

Then in January 2014, Jennifer Frantz’s level 1 reader, My Little Pony: Hearts And Hooves will be released. The Cutie Mark Crusaders are so excited to celebrate Hearts and Hooves Day! They go on a mission to find a special pony for their teacher, Cheerilee, but soon realize they are in big trouble when their love potion spell misfires! Based on MLP: FIM which airs on the HUB, the book will include MLP punch-out valentine’s day cards.

Hearts And Hooves has a suggest retail price of $4.99 in the United States and $5.50 in Canada (32 pages; ISBN: 978-0-316-24797-9).

Finally, in January Little, Brown and Company will release the third in their series of original My Little Pony chapter books.  My Little Pony: Rainbow Dash and the Daring Do Double Dare will see Rainbow Dash trying to prove herself to be as brave and as daring as her hero. Before Dashy knows it, she has become, “Daring Dash” and begins to do all sorts of crazy things – tightrope walking with no wings, hot chilli pepper eating, and even sneaking inside of a spooky old barn. But when Rainbow Dash offers to help Zecora by entering a haunted forest alone, her friends worry she’s jumping into too much danger.

My Little Pony: Rainbow Dash and the Daring Do Double Dare: Coming Jan. 2014

My Little Pony: Rainbow Dash and the Daring Do Double Dare: Coming Jan. 2014

Written by G.M. Berrow, Daring Do Double Dare at 144 pages has a suggested retail price of $5.99 in the United States and $6.50 in Canada. ISBN: 978-0-316-24798-6. Also available in this series: Pinkie Pie and the Rockin’ Ponypalooza Party and Twilight Sparkle and the Crystal Heart Spell.

For more information on these upcoming releases please visit HERE:

Ask Cathy Weseluck Your Questions About Spike

Cathy Weseluck Interview Graphic

Have you ever wanted to ask one of your favorite characters on My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic a question? Or what about one of the amazing voice actors that brings to life your favorite characters? Well, now you have a chance…

While not a pony, Spike is an incredibly wonderful character in the My Little Pony universe and the voice actress behind Spike, Cathy Weseluck has agreed to sit down with for an interview about bringing this little dragon to life for our television screens. And let’s not forget ponies, Cathy is also the voice behind ‘Mayor Mare’ as well.

So here’s your chance. If you’ve ever wanted to ask Cathy a question about Spike or Mayor Mare or the show please leave them below in the comments section. We here at sincerely appreciate Cathy’s valuable time and while we probably have a hundred questions for her ourselves, we know that you probably have many as well, so leave your questions below and we here at will select the best of your questions and ask them for you and you’ll see her answers pop up here on our website when we publish the interview with Cathy late next week.

We’ll be taking your question submissions until Wednesday April 30th, 2013.

My Little Pony Companion Series: Equestria Girls Is Coming To A Theatre Near You

According to the popular website Movie News Letters, My Little Pony: Equestria Girls will be playing as of today in select Digiplex theatres from June 15th till July 14th, 2013 in the states Ohio, Pennsylvania, Arizona, California, Connecticut, and New Jersey.

Now if you’ve temporarily left Equestria for some reason or another and you aren’t familiar as of yet with My Little Pony: Equestria Girls let’s bring you up to Rainbow Dash speed.


Meet the Equestria Girls! Photo courtesy of N.Y. Times

In an interview with Hasbro representatives in the February/March 2013 issue of Kidscreen Magazine it was confirmed that a new companion series to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic was set to air in the spring.   My Little Pony: Equestria Girls sees our pony heroes on a mission to a new world where they take on human form. Will the movie be the launching pad for the television series? Get ready Bronies….

Additionally, rumors are flying around Equestria that the new spin off series will also see new human dolls released based off our beloved ponies. Sign us up here at

Find out HERE where you can see the film in your area.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic coming to DVD in the United Kingdom uk dvd my little ponyAccording to writer Wendy Goldman Getzler at Kidscreen Magazine, Hasbro has just struck a multi-territorial home entertainment deal with the United Kingdom DVD label Clear Vision to release the first and second seasons of the animated series, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic in the United Kingdom.

The deal will mark the first time working with the United Kingdom distribution label for Hasbro. Clear Vision will have the rights to distribute the MLP series in countries like France, Spain, Italy and in the Middle East.

Clear Vision currently also has the exclusive home entertainment license to distribute Marvel’s classic animated television series. Get read UK fans. The ponies are coming over the pond!

Friendship Is Magic Guidebook Gets Release Date

The-elements-of-harmony-brony.comThe official My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic guidebook, “The Elements Of Harmony”, has been scheduled for release on June 4th, 2013 via

Writen by Brandon T. Snider (The Dark Knight Manual, DC Comics Ultimate Character Guide), “The Elements Of Harmony” will include a forward by the one and only Lauren Faust, as well as as an special introduction by Meghan McCarthy and Jayson Thiessen.

The book will contain a full color braided mane of information about MLP: FIM that will include: character bios, an detailed episode guide and a map of Equestria as well as lyrics to all of the songs as heard in the show, a collection of Letters to Princess Celestia, and much more. It’s destined to be a great collector’s piece for fans of the show.

Author and Pony fan Snider has written also for Entertainment Weekly, Time, Forbes and Wired as well as for Comedy Central and the Huffington Post. He’s also written about such characters as Superman, Spider-Man, The Muppets and Annoying Orange.

The book can be pre-ordered now at Amazon HERE.


Katie Cook: The Brony.Com Interview

Katie Cook Interview at Brony.comBRONY.COM:  Hey Katie! First let me just say “Thank You Very Much” for speaking with us.  I know you’re ultra busy, and with 2013 in full swing now, looking back at the last year and everything that happened with the book and that first issue buzz, I was curious to see now that 2012 has come and gone  how is 2013 shaping up?

KATIE:  Busy… I just moved AND convention season is starting AND I’ve got deadlines. I haven’t had a chance to unpack! 

BRONY.COM: Fans have really gotten the opportunity to meet you over the last year with your appearances at many conventions across the United States,  I was wondering what the fan feedback has been like for you in regards to the Pony books?    Has any of your experiences with meeting the fans inspired you in any way in regards to what you’ll create in the future?
KATIE:  The response to the book has been overwhelmingly positive. To your other question, I’ve had a lot of people ask “will you ever write about ______ or ______?”… But I really just write what I like!   If I don’t think I can make a great story, I’ll likely avoid it. 
BRONY.COM:   Going back to that first issue buzz…I mean that first book pre-sold over 100,000 copies….What do you think were the expectations for the first book?  Surely fans had expectations, as did Hasbro,  but what were your expectations?   

KATIE:  Well, we never expected the numbers MLP #1 pulled in… and the only response to that number I really had was “Well, I guess that means someone besides my mother will read it”.   Fan response was always a concern. It’s a dedicated fan base with a lot of opinions… I’m a fan as well, so all I could hope for is that folks like what Andy and I were creating.

BRONY.COM:  I know you’ve paid tribute to movies like Shaun Of The Dead (2004) and Invasion Of The Body Snatchers (1978) in the books thus far.    I was curious to see if there’s been any other nods to any other media that you and Andy [Price] have tried to sneak in there to date, and if so how long do you think it will take the fans to notice it?

KATIE:  There are Easter eggs everywhere (movies, books, TV)… Most are noticed by someone right away and posted online. There are no secrets on the internet. 

BRONY.COM:  Then, could you talk about your relationship with Hasbro for the book?   How much input do they have into what you’re doing?

KATIE:  They’ve been very positive and supportive of what Andy and I are doing. They have all the power, but they’ve been great about letting us play around in their stables without crushing our creativity. 

BRONY.COM:  Of course in Issue 5 we see a new story started by Heather Nuhfer.   I was curious to see if you could talk about why you yourself didn’t take the reins for that issue?   Will you be back for later issues, and what are your plans?

KATIE:  Andy and I will be back. We had other pony projects to concentrate on.

BRONY.COM: Any chance of seeing some MLP sketch cards from you in the future?

KATIE:  Maybe if I do some for myself… I’m kind of burnt out on sketch cards! 

BRONY.COM:  What are your thoughts on all of the MLP fan art that’s out there?   Why do you think that fans are so fascinated with creating their own art for the show and it’s characters?

KATIE:  You get that in every fandom… Why is it different for ponies? I’ve seen some amazing artwork out there for ponies. It’s fun to look through and there’s new art every day.  

BRONY.COM:  We here have really appreciated the sense of humor you’ve injected into these books, and we’d love to ask you where you thought your sense of humor comes from?  And how do you think it’s morphed to include the sensibilities of the My Little Pony universe?

KATIE:  I’m a child of the 80’s and the influence of my older brother. I didn’t just watch Rainbow Brite and My Little Pony as a kid… I watched Mel Brooks movies, Monty Python, The Muppets, Star Trek, Are You Being Served?… Television from the BBC, and comedy movies I shouldn’t have watched at that age and nerdery from the past. It’s who I am, so that’s how I write. 

BRONY.COM:  Of course people at times forget that you’re not just a writer, but also an incredible artist, I was curious to see what you thought about  what some could consider an Art  vs. Story struggle.   Is writing as fun for you as the drawing?  Or is one more challenging?   

KATIE:  Mostly, I’ve just noticed that the writer never gets as much attention as the artist. I apologize to every writer I’ve ever worked with before this. I get it now. 

BRONY.COM:  When you and Andy [Price] were approaching the first issue, I was curious to see if there were any ideas that you wanted to explore that maybe got lost or were pushed to the wayside as you both were working?

KATIE: Only things we’ve put on a back burner for later. 

BRONY.COM:   What do you think about the public misconception toward Bronies?  Certainly with the documentary, and recently the joke/mention on Saturday Night Live, we’re starting to be understood, but why can’t everyone see the appeal of a show that we both love?

KATIE:  I think, like in any fandom, you have the “weird one” that makes the news and THAT is the impression that people not familiar with the fandom are left with.  The man who created the blog about his dates with ‘Twilight Sparkle’… The guy who insisted fanart of his “fiance” ‘Twilight’ be taken down… THOSE are the Bronies that are getting attention and therefore are the public association for a very NEW fandom. It’s the Brony communities job to turn that around. The “weird Star Wars fanatics” have become mainstream nowadays and those who costume have become a very respected charity group. Star Wars fandom is a great example of a fandom who has turned a “just a bunch of nerds” perception into something more. (I’m a Star Wars fan through and through!). “Brony” is a very new fandom. Give it time. If people are in it for the long haul, things will calm down. 

BRONY.COM:  Can we try some free word association?   What’s one world that comes to mind instantly when you think of these characters.  Let’s start with:  Apple Jack?

KATIE:  Meh.

BRONY.COM: Dischord?

KATIE:  Potential.

BRONY.COM:  Rarity?

KATIE:  Hilarious.

BRONY.COM:  Twilight Sparkle?

KATIE:  Favorite.

BRONY.COM:  Rainbow Dash?

KATIE:  Pompous.

BRONY.COM:  Princess Luna?

KATIE:  Underused.

BRONY.COM:   Fluttershy?

KATIE:  Adorable.

BRONY.COM:  Final Questions:  What are you expectations for the upcoming Season 4 of the show?  And what’s next for your own comic, Gronk?

KATIE:  I already have a pretty good idea of what’s happening in season 4…. So I’ll just go on to Gronk. I’m putting out the third book in July!

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Meghan McCarthy Gives Fans Hints About Season Four


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Hey Ponies….We try to offer you legitimate news or cool things as they become available in the My Little Pony universe. But somehow we missed this fun little Twitter conversation from last week with the one and only Meghan McCarthy. It’s all about Season 4…So you know….obviously you’re gonna wanna read this…like now.

Question: Anything cool planned for the CMC in S4?”
McCarthy: Yes!

Question: A lot of Bronies are upset about Alicorn Twilight. Without giving anything away, do you think S4 will keep everyone happy?”
McCarthy: Yes!

Question: Are you tired of working on and talking about ponies?”
McCarthy: Never!

Question: Will we ever see Rarity as the central character again? She stole every scene/episode she was in this season….”
McCarthy: Yes!

Question: Any chance Spike will get as much awesome moments/love in season 4 as he did (if not, more than) in season 3?”
McCarthy: Yep.

Question: Will Fluttershy be a main focus in more episodes?
McCarthy: Yep.

Question: Any big musical numbers planned for the next season? ‘ This Day Aria was amazing!”
McCarthy: Yes. So excited about S4 music.

Question: Will we be introduced to new characters?”
McCarthy: Yep. Some really good ones.

Question: plan on adding in more pop-culture references throughout S4?
McCarthy: Definitely

Question: Thoughts on pacing? Are you continuing the “epic” tone in S3 or are you planning on slowing it back down at all?”
McCarthy: Both

Question: Are there going to be any Slice-of-Life episodes in S4?”
McCarthy: Lots

Question: How has it been working on S4 so far compared to S3 & 2? Was it ever overwhelming previously?”
McCarthy: Less overwhelming than S3

Question: any new writers for the series?”
McCarthy: Yes

Question: Coming to EFNW?” (Also Bronycon and Nightmare Nights)
McCarthy: If they invite me 🙂

Question: Will we see more of Rarity’s generosity in S4?”
McCarthy: Yes

Question: Any chance of us finding out more about Equestrian history?”
McCarthy: Yes

Question: if you were to describe season 4 in 1 word what would that word be?”
McCarthy: Ambitious

Question: Will we get to see any more members of the Mane 6’s families?”
McCarthy: Yes

Question: How would you describe the overall tone of S4? Will the focus be greater on drama, humor, or adventure?”
McCarthy: Packed w/ all 3

Question: What’s your personal favorite episode you’ve written? And by extension what’s your fav #MLPFiM ep?”
McCarthy: Hasn’t aired yet

Question: Will Daniel Ingram still be doing lots and lots of awesome songs for us to remix in season 4?”
McCarthy: Lots and lots and lots and lots

Question: Better question. Despite Twilight’s new status she’ll still have flaws and a lot of room for personal growth in S4 yes?”
McCarthy: Yes

Question: How many more Alicorns should we be expecting?”
McCarthy: 53

Special thanks to the great site Equestria Daily for breaking this news first last week.

What are your expectations for Season 4?  We want to know.   Please leave us a comment in our comments section below.


My Little Pony and Build-A-Bear Have Teamed Up And They Want You To Help Them!

BronyDotCom Build A Bear My Little Pony

With the success of the recently released Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie My Little Pony Build-A-Bear’s the makers of the popular teddy bear line are looking for the help of us Bronies! They’d like to know what we’d like to see next from them.

Some of the questions being asked in the survey:

What is your favorite pony?

What characters would you like to see Build-A-Bear make next?

Have you bought the recently released Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie Build-A-Bears?

We here at think it’s pretty cool that the company is talking the time to ask us fans what we value the most in how we decide what collectibles we’d like to own in relation to our favorite show. Kudos Build-A-Bear!

You can take the survey HERE: Fan Interview #101: Danny Jones Fan #1BRONY.COM FAN:   Danny Jones
AGE:  21
LOCATION:  Gary, Indiana   Tell us about how you discovered the show, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic?

Danny Jones:  Well, my first time being actually introduced to My Little Pony wasn’t a pleasant experience. I am a PC gamer, one of my favorite games is Garry’s Mod. In that game you are allowed to spray a custom image on the walls and such (like graffiti). I joined a game one day, and on the loading screen people were posting little comments, and one said “Bronies are the scum of the internet, they are like Furries, but worse“.

When I entered the game, it was a bunch of 12-13 year old kids that were doing this.  They were putting up inappropriate pictures of ponies. They were annoying, frustrating, bad team members, and obscene.  That’s when I decided that enough was enough.  I changed my name to Ransom the Brony Slayer, and I joined the Anti-Brony-Brotherhood, not knowing what an actual Brony was.  I continued to hate Bronies for about two or three months after that.  Every time someone saw my screen name, they’d kept telling me that I needed to watch the show, and that my dislike for it was all wrong. I said, “Really?  A show for little girls? You really want me to watch a show for little girls? No way.”  I’m the kind of guy who as a kid was raised on Dragon Ball Z, Cowboy Bebop, Trigun, Samurai Champloo, and I am now also a huge fan of Bleach.

It wasn’t until I met a kid named “Meowker” that I changed my mind.  I was so mean to the kid for liking the show. I called him several bad names, laughed in his face.  Then I left the game server. About two hours later, there was a friend request in my inbox. It was from “Meowker”.  So I said aloud, “What the heck, I’ll add him.”  So I added him, and he introduced me to what Bronies really stand for. He even got me to fall in love with the show. Now I won’t shut up about it. Ironic, right?   What do you like so much about the show, and why does it mean so much to you?

Danny Jones:  Well, the reason I like My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic so much is mainly because of the diverse characters. The first episode where we meet all the characters, that showed the qualities of people in real life.  It was like they were pretty much human. Twilight being the book worm, Rarity is the dramatic, Fluttershy is all about animal rights, just like many people that I know. Applejack is honest and a hard worker (like my father), Pinkie Pie loves to party and always needs to be around friends, and Rainbow Dash is a loyal perfectionist and always wants to be number one.  All of those qualities I see in myself and other people in general.  The show is just so real it’s like it is alive.  Also, Vinyl Scratch is my favorite background character because I absolutely love electronic music. I’m also an Amateur DJ.  Some of the artwork Bronies make is absolutely amazing too by the way.   So who’s your favorite pony, and why?

Danny Jones:  Rainbow Dash is my favorite of the Mane 6 because she is fearless, she is the fastest flyer in all of Equestria (Sorry Alicorn Twilight).  The way I relate to her so much is just because of my past.  In Dragon Ball Z and Bleach, almost all the characters can fly.  Its just something about the whole flight thing with me.  Like, the sky is the limit or something.  I also like Rainbow’s bossy attitude as well, her loyalty, and the pranks that she pulls. She is just the best.  And what does it mean to you to be a Brony?

Danny Jones:  Being a Brony to me is all about kindness, and being loyal to one’s own friends, helping people in need, having fun, and enjoying life in general.  The real Bronies to me are some of the greatest people to grace this planet, and I will raise my fist to Brohoof every single one of them!  Why do you think that the show has gotten so popular with fans over the last three seasons?

Danny Jones:  Just look at the fan base. It’s mainly guys, and we all play video games together.  It all makes sense. I don’t force the show on people, but rather try to nudge them into checking it out, if I know they like cartoons. Besides Regular Show and Adventure Time, there aren’t any quality cartoons out there anymore.  That’s another reason I believe the show is popular. By default maybe.  Also because the show in itself is just so good.  What are you top five favorite episodes from the the first three MLP:FIM seasons, and why?

Danny Jones:   My favorite episodes? Wow, that’s a tough one.  ‘Nightmare Night’, ‘Sonic Rainboom’, ‘Fall Weather Friends’, ‘The Mysterious Mare Do Well’, and ‘Putting Your Hoof Down’.  Those are my all-time favorites.  I think the first and second season are most memorable to me because it is when I first started watching the show.  What are your expectations for Season 4?

Danny Jones:  For Season 4….. I hope we get to see the challenges that Twilight has to overcome as an Alicorn.  I hope she becomes the Princess of Ponyville. She has studied so hard her entire life without friends, so why not reward her for all  that she has done?  I hope we still get the episodic values that we’ve had with the past seasons and hopefully without any more changes to the show.  M.A. Larson has changed it enough as it is.  I just want it to remain a fun and happy show, I want them to add more fighting scenes with the characters, and challenge them a bit even more (even though they have already gone through enough as it is).    ###