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Brony makes Pinkie Pie Tribute To The Great Robin Williams

pinkie pie tribute to robin williams my little pony songs

At times the internet can be the most frustrating place in the free world. It’s filled to the brim with pony haters as well as those that are highly opinionated yet severely uneducated. These are people that thrive on the nature of the digital galaxy exactly for that reason alone. But, when the internet works, or when it becomes meaningful or fun, it is because of videos like this: Produced by “Vannamelon” on YouTube, “”Prince Ali” | Pinkie Covers | Tribute to Robin Williams” is a lovely and sincere tribute to the great comic actor that passed away some weeks back. Vannamelon started making videos as Pinkie Pie about two years ago, and bronies have been asking for more since. Although this… Read more »

How Can you be mad at Brighton for throwing a My Little Pony conference?


The University of Brighton has come under fire after a campaign group has released information online about the prominent United Kingdom college and how they used public money to put on a day long My Little Pony conference. As was reported on the Telegraph website yesterday, the Brighton UK My Little Pony conference consisted of a nine hour talk about the history of the My Little Pony name. The controversey stems because the University of Brighton made a profit off of the event, which was funded by UK Taxpayers. The guests each paid an entry fee to hear the discussions about MLP and a dissertation about how gender representation and mythology issues can be seen throughout the 30 year Hasbro… Read more »

Just when you’d thought that you had seen every strange My Little Pony figure…

my little pony figures kiss gene simmons

Artist Mari Kasurinen has a fascinating artistic approach when it comes to My Little Pony. The artist herself has created a series of pony figures which she is calling “My Little Pony Pop Icons.” If you’ve ever said to yourself, “I would like a Michael Jackson My Little Pony figure…” Then Mari Kasurinen’s pony figures are right up your alley. The 30-year-old artist currently lives and works in Finland, and over the last year she has been creating one-of-a-kind pony revisionist figures and selling them on her official website here. Kasurinen has made pony figures such as her H.R. Giger inspired ‘Alien Pony’ which is a hybrid of My Little Pony and the creature from the 1979 Ridley Scott science… Read more »

Like the Wonka Golden Ticket: Another Of the special MLP comics hits the auction market


It’s not a Heritage Auction like we saw last time one these surfaced, but that special Millionth Issue of the MLP comic went for a staggering $6,500 dollars, all of which went directly to a charity, but here, this time, The Millionth Comic is up for auction  via Ebay. Another of the twelve existing special edition Million copy issues of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic comic book has hit Ebay and you better break open your piggy bank if you want a crack at adding it to your collection. Courtesy of Newcastle Comics out of Missouri comes this next appearance of the holy grail of My Little Pony comic books. The grade on this copy is 9.6 and it has a… Read more »

Was Ke$ha sporting My Little Pony hair last night at the VMA awards?

When Ke$ha hit the red carpet last night we here at did a double take!   Look at her hair, wait, is she…….? Was Ke$ha channeling the ponies last night at the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards? Various websites report that Ke$ha was wearing a beautiful gown by designer Johanna Johnson, but yeah, who cares? Look at that hair? What type of pony hybrids was she thinking of for her appearance last night? We love the hair!  

Season 5 Spoilers and Rumors Hit Internet david tennant on my little pony friendship is magic Season 5

If you weren’t able to attend the 2014 San Diego Comic Con then you probably missed out on the My Little Pony show panel. At this year’s Comic Con panel it was revealed that the 100th episode — which airs in soon to air Season 5 — will be focused on MLP:FIM characters that have been on the show for some time but have been relegated to being background players. It was also announced that Coco Pommel will return as well. Other rumors that have surfaced recently on pony forum boards and on fan websites like Equestria Daily include that Season 5 will feature a teaming up of Vinyl Scratch and Octavia as well as actor David Tennant (Doctor Who)… Read more »

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