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Rainbow Rocks Now Available on Netflix Instant Streaming

Equestria Girls Rainbow Rocks streaming netflix brony

I know, we’re a little late to this party perhaps, but we thought that we might mention for those that are even later than us about how Rainbow Rocks is currently available on Netflix Instant streaming in the United States. We don’t know about Canada, so don’t ask. From Wikipedia: “My Little Pony: Equestria Girls – Rainbow Rocks is a 2014 Canadian–American animated musical fantasy comedy film sequel to 2013’s My Little Pony: Equestria Girls, and a spin-off of the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic animated television series. Written by Meghan McCarthy and directed by Jayson Thiessen, the film premiered in select movie theaters across the United States and Canada on September 27, 2014, which was followed by broadcast… Read more »

Rainbow Dash Season 5 Teaser Hits YouTube

Rainbow Dash Season 5 teaser

We’ve let everyone know about every single one of these that have popped up online thus far so as you’ve guessed–here’s another! From the official MLP YouTube Channel: ” Who’s ready for My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Season 5 in Spring 2015? Here’s a little recap of the adventures we’ve been on with awesome Rainbow Dash, the pony who loves to fly and is always ready to play a game! Rainbow Dash is beyond loyal to all her pony friends. What’s next for Rainbow Dash in the upcoming season?“ Check it out:

The Bullying Saga: Do Bronies Bully Other Bronies?


  It seems that no matter what social click or group one belongs to it’s become impossible to escape bullying in the cyber age. You would think that the message of My Little Pony would transcend the Brony fandom and effect all that love the show, but such isn’t the case as we’ve seen this year with the tragic suicide of Brony Adam Smith, age 19, in Manchester, England. For those Stateside who didn’t hear about Adam Smith early this year, Smith was ridiculed online via comments on his Tumblr site and his YouTube channel. Smith also received accusations that his MLP fanfiction was copied from another’s work. Heartbroken, Smith removed many of the comments and issued a apology for… Read more »

Good or Bad? The Ponies make the Daily Show with Jon Stewart

ScreenHunter_442 Dec. 16 10.09

At the expense of the Ponies or humor at the expense of Dick Cheney–Jon Stewart suggested that Dick Cheney was a secret Brony on last night’s episode of The Daily Show. It’s all in good fun, but we here at are asking ourselves about such humor. Are we to laugh at Stewart’s joke because he’s poking at Cheney or is the joke funny because it’s connecting a male figure to the Ponies? What do you think about it? Here’s the clip from last night’s show. The Ponies come in at the 4:25min mark:

Soccer Star Robbie Rogers tells how “My Little Pony” influenced him in his new book


If you follow Soccer, then there is no doubt that you’re familiar with L.A. Galaxy player Robbie Rogers. Released by Penguin Books just a few weeks back on November 25th, Coming Out To Play–Roger’s autobiography which was written with the aid of Eric Marcus talks about how My Little Pony helped him with gender stereotypes and roles as an openly gay young man. Here’s an excerpt: “It all started with My Little Pony, a cartoon TV program I liked to watch when I was a very young boy. The show was built around a cast of characters based on the colorful and highly decorated plastic pony toys manufactured by Hasbro. I can’t tell you why I loved My Little Pony,… Read more »

MLP Season 5 Brings Two New Writers

Joanna Lewis and Kristine Songco mlp season 5 writers added

If you missed this tasty bit of Season 5 information a month or two ago–then, let us remind you about the addition of Kristine Sonco and Joanna Lewis coming on board to write for the Ponies in Season 5! Joanna, having started out in Los Angeles as a Production Assistant on the hit ABC series Alias starring Jennifer Garner, eventually found her way over to Nickelodeon as a writer on the cartoon series TUFF Puppy. Kristine, born and raised in California, too, got her start with Nickelodeon on the show The Mighty B! as well as on Fanboy and Chum Chum. She has most recently written for TUFF Puppy as well. It will be interesting to see what these two new writers… Read more »

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