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david williams ponycon portraits 2015

Maybe we’re over reacting here but we can’t help but think about just how desolate and sad looking some of these bronies are from the 2015 PonyCon.    We can’t figure out if photographer David Williams intentionally was after this particular aesthetic–so,DAMN why are these pictures so melancholy to us? Williams, a Brooklynite, spent his time at the 2015 PonyCon in NYC snapping bronies.   To his credit, there is a fun retro feel to the photographs as if they were taken by a weekender photographer who is unhappy that he’s spending his day at JcPenny’s in the ’80s doing cheesy portraits.  Too bad there’s no nature setting behind any of these photos.  With that said, these are interesting.    There’s a great… Read more »

Season 5 Spoilers Pop Up on Latest Shout! Factory Pony DVD


Have you pre-ordered the latest Shout! Factory Pony DVD “Cutie Mark Quests?”   Even though the DVD won’t be officially released until June 30th, 2015–it is current available on Shout! Factory’s website for pre-order, and we’re certain, the same will apply on shortly as well…. With the release of the latest Shout! Factory Pony DVD “Cutie Mark Quests” Bronies will possibly be getting a sneak peak advance look at the first two episodes of Season Five of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Here are the details about the release of “Cutie Mark Quest” from the Shout! Factory website: Join The Quest That Everypony Must Take: To Find Their Own Cutie Mark! In Equestria, being true to yourself is the… Read more »

My Little Pony: Friends Forever #14

My Little Pony Friends Forever 14 cover

Have you pre-ordered My Little Pony: Friends Forever #14 yet?   It comes out on 3/4/15, which is only two days away! With a story by Jeremy Whitley and art by Agnes Garbowska, Lauren Perry, Neil Uyetake, Amy Mebberson, Friends Forever #14 is all about Spike!     From IDW: ” When a dragon problem in Fillydelphia threatens to get out of hand, Luna enlists Spike’s help to find a peaceful solution.  There are many suspects and no easy answers as both Spike and Luna must admit to personal shortcomings in order to find the true culprit.” Pick Issue #14 up online or at your local comic book retailer.



Some tidbits pertaining to Season 5 were mentioned at the recent PonyCon in Australia, specifically about Episode 100, a landmark turn in any television series…. According to Equestria Daily Episode 100 will feature: The episode will not feature the Mane 6.  It will feature only background ponies and minor characters.   Doctor Whooves will appear.   Background ponies we are all familiar with will appear as well as new background ponies we’ve never seen.    Also, details were leaked about the return of Maud Pie in the upcoming Christmas episode titled “Hearths Warming.” Finally, clues were given about the upcoming Pony movie as well.    The movie will be completely centered around the Ponies, and will not feature any of the Equestria Girls.   … Read more »

Another Celebrity Brony?

Charli XCX Portrait Session

We don’t know how valid information reported over on the website Xpose Entertainment here, but recently they featured a piece about singer Charli XCX being a fan of My Little Pony. According to Xpose Entertainment: “The 22-year-old singer requests toys on her rider at gigs and would love it if one day a venue gave her a unique replica equine of her own…” According to her concert contract (rider) Charli XCX requires “Candy floss, My Little Ponies, and jawbreakers” be present in her dressing room prior to each show. Again, not sure how truthful a site like Xpose Entertainment is but it’s nonetheless interesting that Charli XCX might be a fan of the ponies… What do you think?   You can… Read more »

Equestria Girls toy available at McDonalds

equestrial girls toy mcdonalds happy meal 2015

A Reason to eat at McDonald’s?  We guess.. We normally wouldn’t suggest for anyone to eat anything from McDonald’s generally, but how can you not go for a visit to the Golden Arches when you know that you’ll soon be able to snatch up a fun Equestria Girls toy in one of their crappy (happy) meals? To be resolute, like a good Brony—McDonald’s and the Ponies have been teaming up for quite some time now.   As pony collectors we all know that we’ll  likely suffer all of that salt for a cool pony figure, right? Well, then, what are you waiting for? Gallop over to your location Mickey Dee’s for a fun collectable MLP:FIM Equestria Girls figure today! Special… Read more »

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