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Oops, We Forgot about My Little Pony: Puzzle Party

My Little Pony Puzzle Party

Oops, we did it again….We dropped the ball on this one! Has anyone checked out the latest MLP App from Backflip Studios yet?  This My Little Pony brain game is a free download, that will have you joining your favorite friends in an exciting and fun matching puzzle journey in the magical realm of Equestria.  Travel through all the magical worlds and win hundreds of puzzle challenges!  Also, complete and play with your friends! Before you download HERE, check out this game features! GAME FEATURES • Test your PUZZLE SKILLS in this matching puzzle adventure • DISCOVER THE MAGIC in Equestria • COLLECT all of YOUR FAVORITE CHARACTERS from the Mane Six, including Twilight, Sparkle, Fluttershy, and Rainbow Dash •… Read more »

Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks Figures Coming Soon

Rainbow Rocks Figures rainbow Dash

The German Equestria Girls site is fun.   With a click of the mouse, everypony can take a peak that the new Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks figures.   There are six figures available, naturally.     Hopefully, this will make it to the USA and Canada (probably), but for the meantime, you can stare at them over HERE with dubious amazement and glee that someday soon you’ll have them in your hands (hopefully).

Wow! Princess Celestia Fan Art on Car in Moscow


Thanks to Equestria Daily for posting this great shot of some Princess Celestia fan art done on the side o a car in Russia.   Yes, this picture is even taken near the Moscow Kremlin, to boot! We think that Princess Celestia would be mighty happy to know that some fan in Russia plastered her likeness on the side of a car, wouldn’t she? Beautiful art, beautiful design–copious beauty, indeed. Source

Another Season 6 Episode Synopsis Released For Oct. 1st Airdate

Episode 22 Season 6 My Little Pony PPOV

  The October 1st, 2016 episode set to air for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is to be titled “P.P.O.V” — or, Pony Point of View. Season 6, Episode 22 will feature Twilight Sparkle on a quest out to find out a truth from Applejack, Rarity, and Pinkie Pie as the three have different stories about exactly what happened on their boating trip which caused them to be angry with one another. The episode is set to air on October 1st, 2016 on Discovery Family. Source: Zap2It

My Little Pony: The Haunted Dungeon Coming October 5th. Get A Sneak Preview Here


IDW and Hasbro are releasing My Little Pony: The Haunted Dungeon come October 5th, 2016.    In the issue, “Strange things are afoot in the Crystal Empire so Shining Armor calls in his sister Twilight to help find the source of the mysterious occurrences.  When the trail leads to King Sombra’s dungeon, will the siblings find the culprit–or their doom?” Written by Rob Anderson and with art by Amy Mebberson you can sneak preview 3 pages HERE.

Integrity Toys Releases Photos of its First Six Fan-Inspired MY LITTLE PONY Brand Enthusiast Fashion Figures


***FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE*** Integrity Toys Releases Photos of its First Six Fan-Inspired MY LITTLE PONY Brand Enthusiast Fashion Figures Integrity Toys, Inc., under license from Hasbro, Inc., has officially released its first six “<3 MLP” (pronounced “heart M-L-P”) fashion figures, a collection that was announced late last year. This high-end collectible series is inspired by and made to honor the fans of the MY LITTLE PONY brand. This special-edition collection includes six fashion dolls and figures inspired by MY LITTLE PONY brand enthusiasts and fans of all ages. Each fan figure keeps the theme of their favorite MY LITTLE PONY character, wearing clothing and accessories inspired by that pony, complete with a “cutie mark” on their respective figures. The six… Read more »

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