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MLP Coming Back To McDonalds Today!

McDonalds My Little Pony toys available April 17th, 2015

A few weeks back we had mentioned here on about the possibility of MLP toys coming back to McDonalds.  As it was mentioned on–there wasn’t any actual information available about when the My Little Pony toys would again be available across the United States at the fast food mega-chain.    Well, it turns out, that today is that day. Starting today, April 17th, 2015–Bronies will be able to stop off at their location McDonalds and grab up this great collection of My Little Pony figures.

Rainbow Rocks Villains get love in new issue of IDW’s MLP:FIM #3

IDW My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic #3

IDW’s Friendship is Magic series has been killing it for a few issues now.   In the latest issue, available today, Issue takes a surprise turn and gives readers some back story into the Rainbow Rocks villains—The Sirens.     You might remember them from 2014’s Rainbow Rocks? Issue #3 is handled diligently by those great folks:  Ted Anderson (writer) and Agnes Garbowska (artist).      Be sure to swing into your local comic store today to pick up the issue. Tell’em that Large Marge sent ya!

Now You Too Can Have A Life-Size Rainbow Dash


If you’ve ever wanted a life size My Little Pony plush–here’s your chance.  “Nazegoreng” a user on Deviant Art has just created an incredible  forty-two inch tall figure or Rainbow Dash.     According to her page here her Dashy cost her about $1000 dollars in materials.      Constructed her figures with a PVC Skeleton Nazegoreng has generously offered to make life-size Pony figures for those who are willing to fork out the costs.

Guy Makes Insane My Little Pony Balloon Art


Every once in a while we here at see something fun and extremely impressive on the interwebs from a artist in association to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Today is, once again, that day. “No Ordinary Balloon Man” posted up the above photo on Deviant Art today and Bronies are going crazy for it.   He posted the photo of himself and his amazing design made out of balloons.   No Ordinary Balloon Man had this to say about his creation on DA: “On Saturday season 5 of My Little Pony came out and I was there with representatives of the Grand Brony Gala to help celebrate. Little did I know that Hasbro would make a character that 100%… Read more »

IF You’re Missing Season 5, Don’t Worry…


It’s hard to imagine that any Pony could actually be missing episodes of Season 5 as they’ve been airing on Discovery since April 4th.  But, if for some reason, you’re not able to see them and impatient for someone to upload them on YouTube–why not watch this Season legitimately over on I-Tunes or Google Play? All the Episodes from Season 5 and those in the future will be available via streaming on both the I-Tunes and Google Play platforms. Watch them at home, at work, on your phone or tablet and never miss anything. From Google Play: “In the magical land of Equestria, a kingdom populated only by colorful ponies, TWILIGHT SPARKLE, a studious and slightly reclusive young unicorn intent… Read more »

Season 5 Episode 3 “Castle Sweet Castle” Writers Announced


Meghan McCarthy revealed just recently that the next episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic “Castle Sweet Castle” set to air on April 11th, 2015 is written by Joanna Lewis and Kristine Songco—new-comers to the MLP arena.    Lewis and Songco have previously written for such animated series as Fairly Odd Parents and The Mighty B. Here’s the synopsis for the next episode which has been directed by Jayson Thiessan and “Big” Jim Miller: ” Twilight’s friends try to help her adjust to her new castle after her library is destroyed.” A transcribe of the Promo for the episode: Twilight Sparkle: Hello, we’re home! Spike: Sweet Celestia! Pinkie Pie: I lost a measuring spoon in the batter. Somepony’s gonna get… Read more »

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