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Serious Critical Examination of My Little Pony Coming In October


We’ve been hoping for a book like this for a few years now!   And it will be here soon…. Ponyville Confidential: The History and Culture of My Little Pony, 1981-2016 is the first detailed examination of My Little Pony.   The book, which is penned by Sherilyn Connelly, will explore the history and cultural significance of the horse franchise from its fruition up until Season 5 of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and the Equestria Girls movies.    As Hasbro has carefully crafted this brand into a franchise over the last 30 years, for some reason it has continued to receive a polarizing and sexist double standard when it’s come to its own commercialization, yet male-oriented cartoons like Transformers have escaped… Read more »

Canadian My Little Pony Collector Has Her Collection On Display in Museum

alexandra-cooke my little pony

Her name is Alexandra Cooke and she resides in Palmerston, Ontario, Canada.   While the picture accompanying this article might not allow one to think of Alexandra Cooke as a Brony, per say, she does have a amazing collection of G1 Ponys–500 to be exact. In a recent interview with Canada’s CBC Cooke said of the staying powers of My Little Pony in culture: “I think the message behind it: Love conquers all.   It’s okay just to be happy and to want to be happy and to want to have friends and to want to look after your friends.  They never got to war.  It’s always good there.” Cooke’s My Little Pony collection will be on exhibit all throughout July 2016.  … Read more »

Actor Liev Schreiber Name Drops New My Little Pony Movie on Jimmy Kimmel


It’s not actually new news that actor Liev Schreiber (Ray Donovan) has been cast to voice a role in the upcoming 2017 My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic movie.   While we aren’t certain exactly what role he’ll be voicing yet, Schreiber recently appears on the Jimmy Kimmel show on ABC, and on the show he mentioned that he “just finished working on” the new Pony movie.   And from there he answers our questions about exactly what he’s doing in the movie in the first place.  “And of course they want me to play the evil monster who eviscerates all the little ponies…” Schreiber said.    It’s safe to say that Schreiber, at least, if his appearance on Kimmel can be taken… Read more »

First Half of Season 6 of MLP:FIM Coming to Netflix July 30th

season 6 My little pony hits netflix on July 30th

We mentioned that Season 6 would be coming to Netflix sooner than anticipated a few weeks ago, but we certainly didn’t expect it to come this soon–My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Season 6 is coming to Netflix on July 30th! In just 4 weeks bronies will be able to re-visit some of their favorite episodes from earlier on this year.  Season 6 has proven to be just as wonderful as any of the past seasons of the show, so we should all consider ourselves to be lucky that Hasbro is bringing to to the streaming service so early this time around.

Hasbro Unveils Next My Little Pony Movie Logo

2017 my little pony movie logo

As has been reported here on and elsewhere, Hasbro’s Allspark Pictures will make its way into theaters across the USA and Canada in 2017. Hasbro is amping up the PR/marketing for the film, so it should come to no surprise that they would finally release something this week concerning the next My Little Pony movie.   And they’ve done that, by teasing us all by unveiling the movie’s logo. The next MLP Movie will not only feature the regular voice actors who bring us the show each week but also a hodge-podge of big Hollywood names as well, such as: Emily Blunt, Kristen Chenoweth, Uzo Aduba, Liev Schreiber, and Michael Pena. Source: Hollywood Reporter

De-Stress With The New My Little Pony Adult Coloring Book


Yes!  If you’ve been paying attention, even just a little bit, you can’t help but to notice over the last year how these “adult coloring books” have been been popping up all over for sale.   Usually, these feature fill-in-the-lines mandalas that are aimed as helping those with a higher stress life in life with a means in which they can take their minds off of their problems or the hussle and bussle of contemporary American life.   So, naturally it makes sense that someone, some company, would bring a My Little Pony adult coloring book out into the front.  It was only a matter of time, wasn’t it?   Well, coming April 2017, bronies as well as those who are looking for… Read more »

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