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Season 5 Spoilers and Rumors Hit Internet david tennant on my little pony friendship is magic Season 5

If you weren’t able to attend the 2014 San Diego Comic Con then you probably missed out on the My Little Pony show panel. At this year’s Comic Con panel it was revealed that the 100th episode — which airs in soon to air Season 5 — will be focused on MLP:FIM characters that have been on the show for some time but have been relegated to being background players. It was also announced that Coco Pommel will return as well. Other rumors that have surfaced recently on pony forum boards and on fan websites like Equestria Daily include that Season 5 will feature a teaming up of Vinyl Scratch and Octavia as well as actor David Tennant (Doctor Who)… Read more »

Now You Can Help Get The Soundtrack Released For Bronies: The Musical

ScreenHunter_295 Aug. 18 11.49

Unless you were in Los Angeles in June 2014 then there is a good chance that you missed the premiere of Bronies: The Musical on the stage. The show is a musical love letter to the pony fandom experience as told through through the passion, awkwardness and creativity of the MLP Brony community. The show, with music by Joe Greene, and book and lyrics by Heidi Powers & Tom Moore, Bronies: The Musical nabbed the Best Musical award at the 2014 Hollywood Fringe Festival, as well as the THIRTY90NE Golden Elephant for best director/producers, and a Producers’ Encore Award. If you missed the show, then perhaps your best introduction to Bronies: The Musical will be through the show’s soundtrack. But where… Read more »

The Ponies have you covered for Halloween

my little pony spooktaculer tales dvd shout factory

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: Spooktacular Pony Tales is coming to DVD September 9th, 2014. Celebrate Halloween in 2014 with the ponies. You can join the ponies in Ponville (Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Rarity, Applejack, Pinkie Pie and, of course, Spike) as they take on some of the spookiest adventures that Equestria has ever seen. Time to dress up, and gather around the witches’ cauldron because these six pony tales are a fun romp. Episodes includes on the DVD from Shout! Factory include: “Bats!”, “Boast Busters”, “Castle Mane-ia”, “Luna Eclipsed”, “Sleepless in Ponyville” and “Stare Master”. Pre-Order on Amazon HERE:

Season Five of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic will return this November, not next year!


While nothing has been confirmed as of today, we here at are going to go out on a limb and suggest that Season 5 will be returning, not in 2015, but this November. Historically, past Seasons have begun around the late Fall following the finale of the season which came before it. Remember how in the last part 2013 when Season 4 first started airing? HISTORY TELLS US: Season 4 (Nov. 2013 – May 2014) Season 3 (Nov. 2012 –  Feb. 2013) It seems like a fairly safe bet to assume that Season 5 will be coming in November 2014, and not in 2015, as some Pony sites have predicted. This after all, is something very normal for upper… Read more »

Just When You Started Asking For More: Bronies 2: More Unexpected Fans of My Little Pony

bronies 2 documentary youtube

It’s difficult to say how much of an impact Bronies: The Unexpected Fans of My Little Pony has had on popular culture in regards to raising awareness about Bronies and the show, but one thing for certain is that the documentary has always left us wanting more. When we interviewed Director Laurent Malaquais earlier this year he mentioned that he was looking into releasing the outtakes from the massive amounts of interviews that were done for his film. It looks like he has done exactly that… Bronies 2: More Unexpected Fans of My Little Pony aka Bronies: The Unreleased Tapes and BronyDoc: The Lost Tapes has found its way onto the internet via clips on YouTube, fans of the movie and… Read more »

Hey Canada! Your MLP: Rainbow Rocks showtimes are posted

mlp rainbow rocks canadian showtimes

Last year when MLP: Equestria Girls came out we were a bit slow in reporting the showtimes for the Canadian screenings which is slightly ironic considering all of the voice actors and artists that are Canadian that work on the show….We digress… has put up the theater listings for Rainbow Rocks for Canada, so you can know search for the theater near you that is showing Rainbow Rocks this September. Better late then never? It’s HERE:

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