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Warning: Season 7 My Little Pony Spoilers


Writer James Asmus has just dropped somewhat of an atom bomb on Season 7 on Twitter.  The writer of the My Little Pony IDW comic books just leaked one piece of vital information regarding the the approach that Hasbro will take in Season 7. The episodes may or may not be connected in some fashion to the IDW comic issues of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #51-53.   In all likelihood, it’s more reasonable to assume that perhaps just one or two episodes will be linked to these issues of the comic.

Check out this great cover for IDW’s Friendship is Magic #51


Sometimes it’s a challenge to keep up with all the books that IDW puts out for the My Little Pony universe.  There’s IDW’s My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Friend’s Forever, Guardians of Harmony etc. As of right now, #51 is slated for release on Feb. 22nd, 2017.   It has been written by James Asmus and as usual features covers and art by Tony Fleecs and Agnes Garbowska. Here’s the issue’s synopsis: “Twilight is startled to find that the most important history books in Equestria are going missing. Will she and her friends be able to uncover the identity of the mysterious new villain responsible?” There is no preview of the issue of of today, but check back here, once… Read more »

TLC’s Cake Boss Makes A Pinkie Pie MLP Birthday Cake


Buddy Valastro, the man behind the hit reality-television series Cake Boss posted on his official Facebook page a image he snapped of a recently completed Pinkie Pie birthday cake.   And it’s incredible!   We here at can’t believe the attention to details that Mr. Valastro put into this envisioning of Pinkie Pie into cake form.   This cake was completed at one of Mr. Valastro’s several Carlos Bakery locations in the New Jersey area. Check out the Carlos Bakery page here:

Wait! What? Is Actor Billy Bob Thornton a Brony?


In a recent interview with GQ Magazine Academy Award winner Billy Bob Thornton talks about how he used to watch My Little Pony with his daughter and who his favorite ponies are: Here’s an excerpt from the interview from     “He and Bella used to watch My Little Pony together, and she grew out of that, but recently he longed to see it again and searched for it and found another My Little Pony, an updated tweeny kind of version, and they started watching it together. He’s been thinking about and relating to one particular multi-episode arc lately. In Ponyville, everyone has cutie marks, which are kind of like tribal tattoos on a horse’s hip—Applejack lives on an apple… Read more »

Dear Hasbro: Please Bring the live action Equestria Girls Rainbow Rocks Musical to the USA


We’ve seen photos of this for a couple months now circulating the internet, but we still don’t seem to have any hope that it will actually be coming to the USA or Canada.   Written by Hugh Osbourne with choreography by Jamie Neale, this DMS Production and Hasbro International Inc. are proud to present the world premiere of My Little Pony Musicial: Rainbow Rocks, adapted from Hasbro Studio’s hit animated movie.    “This fun-filled show” for ages 2 to 96 will take you on an incredible adventure as everybody’s favorite pony from the magical world of Equestria, Twilight Sparkle, joins forces with her human friends, the girls of Canterlot High School to defeat the forces of evil; while Twilight Sparkle learns, along… Read more »

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #48 Released


Another MLP comic has hit the store shelves!   My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #48 features a story that is a Part One of Three.  Called “Chaos Theory,” its a a story about a Rare (Rarity) astrological event has a profound effect on Discord!  What happens when Discord turns into a being of pure order?    Featuring covers by the usual collection of artistic Pony misfits (Andy Price, Sara Richard, and Matt Frank, Heather Breckel) and written by Ted Anderson.   What else can we expect?   Here’s the book synopsis:  “The craziest, most epic MLP story yet! Multiple versions of ponies are springing up around town and strange new beasts stalk the land as an orb of energy grows larger in the… Read more »

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