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INTERVIEW: Feminist Dr. Golbarg Bashi Talks Bullying In The Brony Culture


Golbarg Bashi holds a Ph.D. in Middle Eastern Studies from Columbia University, a Masters in Women’s Studies from Bristol University, and a B.A. (Hons) in Middle Eastern Studies (Persian and Arabic languages and literature) from the University of Manchester, UK. BRONY.COM:  Can you recall the first time you heard about the television series My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic and its male fans?   What were your thoughts on the show after seeing it and on the Brony movement? BASHI: My younger sister owned several MLP in the late 80s and I used to watch the show with her on television in Sweden. I came across MLP two decades later in my children’s dentist’s office–he had the MLP stickers (as goodies)… Read more »

And Here Comes Another Brony Documentary….


Traveling the film festival circuit in early 2014, A BRONY TALE produced and directed by Brent Hodge follows voice actress Ashleigh Ball to BronyCon in New York City. Highlighting Ball’s visit to BronyCon and showcasing interviews with Bronies, A BRONY TALE is a real outsider’s look in at the Brony community. The film will be out later in 2014. Check out the trailer for A BRONY TALE below:


griffon the brush off my little pony season 1 episode guide

Season 1, Episode 5 is titled “Griffon the Brush Off,” and was written by Cindy Morrow. It starts with Pinkie Pie chasing Rainbow Dash all over Ponyville to try to hang-out. Dash is doing her best to lose her pink tail, but eventually she gives into Pinkie Pie’s pestering. The two end up playing together for the day. Surprisingly, the ponies find out they have a lot more in common than they thought; they share a love of pranks. Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash spend the afternoon pranking ponies all over Ponyville, until Gilda shows up. Gilda the Griffon is an old friend of Dash’s, and they love to fly together. However, what Dash doesn’t realize is that Gilda is… Read more »


Applebuck Season S4

As I’ve been re-watching Season 1, I feel like there is one episode that is screaming at me to finally learn the lesson it conveys. It’s episode 4, “Applebuck Season.” About this time every semester, I realize that, yet again, I have taken on way too much and am starting to drive myself crazy. I’m guessing I’m not the only Brony feeling this way around mid-terms. “Applebuck Season” stars every-pony’s favorite country pony, Apple Jack. She must figure out a way to bring in the apple harvest without her injured brother, Big Mac, who has to sit this season’s harvest out. Instead of asking her friends for help, Apple Jack decides to prove she can handle anything that’s thrown at… Read more »’s Look Back At Season One: Episode 3 “The Ticket Master”

my little pony episode 3 the ticket master

“The Ticket Master” is the third episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. This episode gets past the limitations of the pilot, and allows the writers, Lauren Faust and Amy Keating Rogers, to begin exploring the personalities of the ponies. “The Ticket Master” begins to show who some of the Mane 6 are, flaws and all. The story of this episode begins with Princess Celestia sending Twilight Sparkle two tickets for her and Spike to attend the Grand Galloping Gala in Canterlot. Spike, in little brother like fashion, says he doesn’t want anything to do with that frilly, frou- frou stuff, so his ticket is up for grabs. Apple Jack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Fluttershy, and Pinkie Pie all desperately… Read more »

BRONY DOC Unreleased tapes Coming to DVD Late April


Did you see Bronies: The Extremely Unexpected “Adult” Fans of My Little Pony? Culled together from over 200 hours of outtake footage left over from the documentary, BronyDoc: The Unreleased Tapes will include stories that the filmmakers were unable to include in the feature-length documentary that came to DVD and Netflix in 2013. The filmmakers have assembled some of the best footage remaining and are planning on releasing it at the end of April 2014. BronyDoc: The Unreleased Tapes will have its premiere screening at BABSCON from April 18th-20th in San Francisco and Bronies can expect to the see the film released onto DVD not longer after that. For more information please check HERE: