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Freeny’s Pony sculptures will have you creeped out


Twisted!   In the My Little Pony universe one sees a lot of fun and interesting fan interpretations of My Little Pony in the various fan art out there at conventions and online on sites like Deviant Art for example.  But, one hasn’t seen anything like Jason Freeny’s Pony sculptures.    Freeney, a  designer, first for MTV, and then of toys, took to producing his one-of-a-kind creations as a means of supporting himself during tough financial times in the early 2000’s.    But what Freeny does is something slightly disturbing.   He takes your favorite childhood toys and cuts them down the middle–showing of their inner-workings   It’s gross.  Revolting.   As fans, we generally don’t consider what the insides of Pinkie Pie may… Read more »

Avril Lavigne For The Win

5-27-2015 1-39-30 PM

Another celebrity has given some crazy mad love to My Little Pony.  Rocker Avril Lavigne posted the above photograph on her Instagram yesterday.    Lots and lots of Pony bracelets..   Too bad she doesn’t have any of ours from…. Follow Avril on Instagram here.

Win A Copy of the K.M. Hayes Pony novel ‘My Little Brony’


Win a copy of K.M. Hayes’s My Little Brony by stopping over to the Contest & Giveaway’s page here. My Little Brony hits bookstores at the end of May 2015. Here’s what the book is about: “Drew Morris doesn’t just feel like an outsider in his football-crazed Texas town—he actually is. He sucks at sports, even though his dad is the high school football coach. And his supposed “teen growth spurt” has yet to be seen, so he’s sure his freshman year will be filled with seniors stuffing him in lockers. However, Drew is spared from the bullying he expects. Instead, a girl named Skye—who constantly dons horse ears and talks about My Little Pony—becomes everyone’s target. Drew feels… Read more »

100 is Magic! Ask Meghan McCarthy Your Pony Questions


If you’ve ever wanted to ask Meghan McCarthy a question about My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic–here’s your chance! In part, due to the upcoming airing of the 100th episode of the show (slated for June 13th) Brian Lenard, Meghan McCarthy, and Jayson Thiessen will be fielding questions.   So if there’s anything you always wanted to know about the show or what goes into producing the show, or Pony mythos–now’s your time! Post your questions on Facebook here in the comments.  Hashtag #MLP5 and #100ismagic

Wickie-Wickie-What? DJ-Pon 3 Remix CD hits stores June 23rd


(May 19, 2015 – Los Angeles, CA) – Lakeshore Records and Hasbro, Inc. are releasing the forthcoming DJ PON3 PRESENTS MY LITTLE PONY: FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC REMIXED digitally and on CD June 23, 2015.  Daniel Ingram’s beloved original songs are remixed by some of the top talent on the scene, including Faust & Shortee, Arkasia, Rubicon 7, Heavygrinder and more. The album was produced by Justin Lassen, who worked with all of the artists for the recording. “The MY LITTLE PONY brand has taught fans of all ages about the power of friendship for more than 30 years through socially relevant messages of acceptance and kindness,” said Samantha Lomow, Senior Vice President of Hasbro Brands. “We have seen the power… Read more »

Scusate! My Little Pony, Little Tony for the Win!

RIP Little Tony

Hey, mistakes happen and accepting that and having forgiveness in your heart is what My Little Pony is all about–that’s why we can’t help but show some love for a “news” story that broke over on the Huffington Post website about a little pastry shop in Gangi, Sicily. Apparently, a family came in to order their 9-year-old daughter a birthday cake, and the owners of the pastry shop mistakenly heard them say that their daughter wanted a “My Little Tony” cake, not “My Little Pony.” Suffice to say, the little girl did not get a My Little Pony birthday but, instead a “Little Tony” cake–who, incidentally was a crooner of the late ’50s and early ’60s in Italy. Oops. Check… Read more »

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