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Amazing Handmade Shadowboxes by The Paper Pony


Shadow boxes are simply put, shapes cut out of paper layered on top of one another to create cool effect. Their creation process is long and arduous, but the effect they create is really very cool. They are by far one of the neatest things that fans make.   A couple known simply as “The Paper Pony” makes some really cool ones they they sell in their Etsy shop. The boxes are very professionally done, and the honestly look awesome.     Mr. and Mrs. Paper Pony have recently put together a new room in their house specifically dedicated to making these boxes, and their organization really shows how dedicated they are to doing a good job.    With so… Read more »

4th Equestria Girls Movie Gets Go Ahead Via Hasbro Studies


While this isn’t necessarily the shocker of the century, it seemed fairly obvious that Hasbro would announce yet another Equestria Girls movie in the wake of the success of the current season of MLP:FIM and the previous Equestria Girls movie, and it’s been floating around the internet over the last couple days that Hasbro has green-lit the next EQ girls movie.   Now, the age-old question?  What will it be about?   Will there be some sort of homage to contemporary movies as with the last Equestria Girls movie, Friendship Games–playing tribute to The Hunger Games film franchise–can we expect more of the same with the next, and will in the heck will the 4th Equestria Girls movie be released?  There are… Read more »

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Monopoly Game

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A while ago, Hasbro’s board games brand, Parker Brothers released a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic version of their popular Monopoly board game. It included six game pieces, allowing fans to direct their favorite of the mane 6 ponies around the board, and had all pony related properties in place of the classic Atlantic City properties in regular Monopoly. It was pretty neat, and fans really liked it. Now though, with Monopoly Plus, an essential digitization of the classic board game on consoles, it seems Hasbro will try to cash in. A new add on to Monopoly Plus is a $2.99 skin for the My Little Pony version of the game, and while it does basically what it promises,… Read more »

Princess Twilight Sparkle Plushie Pre-Order


There’s nothing cuter (and softer) than a well made pony plushie. This plush of Princess Twilight Sparkle stands 10.5″ tall and has the option for open or closed wings. If you want something done right, leave it to the fans. The detail is amazing for a plush and resembles Princess Twilight Sparkle from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic spot on. The Plushie was scheduled to release summer of 2015, but due to unknown reasons it’s still in pre-order. When it will be released is unknown but The creator is keeping that updated here: The description of the plushie reads: “Twilight Sparkle is back with her set of spiffy alicorn wings. Ready to continue her studies as a faithful… Read more »

Funko reveals NYCC exclusive Rainbow Dash Hikari Figures


A while ago, Funko announced the Rainbow Dash Hikari figures that features Rainbow Dash rearing. Not only that, but the figures, which were in notoriously short supply, included an Entertainment Earth exclusive shinier version. Now though, sources say that a really cool exclusive version will be making its way to the New York Comic Con  The figure features Rainbow Dash in the same pose as the regular Hikari figures, but this will be different in one main way: the color. The Rainbow Dash “Glitter Color Storm Hikari Figure” feature a rainbow gradient coat and Rainbow Dash’s iconic mane with a pretty sheen to it. Apparently Funko will be selling this figure, along with a large variety of other Comic Con… Read more »

Hasbro Just Told Us What The Rest of this Season’s Episodes Will Be About


This season, Season 5, of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic has been wonderful, but also very strange too, when you consider just how much information has come out before the fact, during, and how it has all related to the episodes before they air on Discovery Family.     Maybe we here at are suffering from short-term memory, but we can’t recall as much attention given online, regarding episode guides and synopsis during previous seasons!    It should come to no surprise that the the storylines for the remaining Season 5 episodes has just dropped online.    Well, enjoy, I guess.    So much for surprises….. Episode 18: Brotherhooves Social: When Applejack is called away and has to miss participating in the Sisterhooves… Read more »

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